As it said in the title I want to show my artwork. I have been to told that it is really good and that I should show it or sell it. The only problem there is that I have no idea how to go about that if anyone has any connections suggestions or ideas let me know. Thank you all in advance.

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Why not try one of the free web service providers. is quite easy to use as it is just a drag and drop page so there is no need to actually be a wizard with HTML or anything. All you would need is to photograph your artwork and scan it onto your computer, or just upload it from a digital camera. Then upload the photos onto the net and add them to the page. After this make up a few busness cards and hand them out, or maybe put an advert in the local or state papers (i have no idea if you have these here as im English).

Folk Art for the Fun of It was developed to encourage the appreciation of art. It is designed to be a place where you can learn about folk art and it's history. A website to bring together artist's and collectors and a place to find answers.

We are currently Searching for Folk Artist's to be featured on our website!

We are currently searching for Folk Artist's to be featured on our website. We plan to feature a new artist each week. If you are a Folk Artist and would like to be featured on our website please send us an email along with a short bio about yourself and where your art can be seen or purchased. You can send along up to two images in gif or jpg format, no larger then 200x300 pxls.

If you have a link to a website please note that we will only link to family friendly sites, no porn or other context that is not fit for children will be allowed. If your work is chosen to be featured you will receive an email.

We do not share any information with third parties. Our site is dedicated to folk art and is an informative site to help people find out more about this art form and where to find it. Come visit www.Folk Art for the Fun of bringing artists and collectors together!

Hope to hear from you,
Victoria Wilson
HI , I have a free site for artists like you to show your art. view art of others. Hidden and lost crowns art site have fun. David K Quigley




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