Does anyone stop to take a minute, just sixty seconds each day, to think about your soldiers? Your sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, friends and such. Think about what they go through. Think about how many times, over and over they go through it! Bills to pay, family's to miss. They do it. For what you ask.......FOR YOU! All for you, and nothing else. They ask nothing in return. They expect nothing when they return. They just do what they're expected to do. But do you ever think? Think of the sacrifice? All these other problems going on and everyone seems to forget.....our soldiers, let me correct myself, OUR SOLDIERS!!! What about them, do they benifit from the 700 billion dollar bail, in fact, I guarantee that comes out of their mediocore wages. But they still pay that $4.00 per gallon to take their kids to the doctor, or go buy groceries, with $4.00 for a gallon of milk!! They carry on. They keep going. But do you ever think...instead of bailing out the rich...if we gave that $700 billion to everyone over 18, that would be, I don't know, atleast $100,000, atleast, I never was good at math. But think about it. Who is losing they're houses? Who is really hurting?
Okay, I am done with my rant. God bless you all and just think about it!!!!
Your hometown SOLDIER!

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i totally agree with you on what you stated above. however, this lovely town of fort morgan does accually care about its soldiers, when i was down range in iraq i got alot of care packages from business, banks, schools and people i didnt know. i think its more on the economy right now and them wanting to take our benifits, armor, and everything else important from us vetrans and those still serving. which is bullshit
anyways god bless you and yes i do think about my fellow comrads more than 60 secs a day.

your fellow sister in arms
On my last deployment I received so many care packages from the citizens of Fort Moran that I had to share them with my fellow Soldiers. Edwards Market sent us a Christmas tree, a real live Christmas tree!!! Baker School adopted my team and each student wrote letters to the Soldiers on my team. I do not get back to that little town as much as I would like too but I know they still support me.
My husband is in ths Army and we are from Fort Morgan. When he was deployed last time I called all over Fort Morgan trying to find out who to get his info to in order to get Fort Morgan to support him. Never had any luck though. Where/Who should I contact next time he deploys?

when i was deployed. my mother contacted the farmer state bank.. i know it is now wells fargo but they stil do send care packages.. i know the 7 eleven on sherman sends care packages.. really good packages.. all they need is the complete address and whatever your husband likes to eat. also contact the vfw in brush and they will be able to help you out with some more business.
I to am an army wife for the last 19 years,b.armstrong is my husband and yes our home town of fort morgan has been wonderful to my husband.and the reason i am writing now is once again my husband left for iraq for his 4th tour this morning,anyone wishing to send packages or cards and letters please e-mail me at and i will furnish addresses and names,it may be a couple days before i have the address since they left today but i will get them as soon as possible. today is sept 8 2009 thank you all




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