In today’s world the accomplishment of traveling long distances as fast as possible has become an important feature of many peoples’ lives and careers.  Because of flight travel often through the use of the small winged aircraft of our day doctors who were once limited by the speed of a horse and buggy can now pilot an airplane to their patients’ locations or hospitals more safely and much quicker than was ever before possible.

    As current dwellers on this planet using our scale of measurement of time we exist in an era called the twenty-first century in the year 2013.  In these so-called modern days of civilization mankind has developed the ability to sustain flight above the ground for many hours and even to have his craft carry heavy payloads at times.  Backed up by the scientific method, engineers have learned to use the natural buoyancy of the moving wing so our mechanized airships can now glide through the clouds with much ease and perfection.  In contrast to our forefathers who could only dream of such contraptions in their wildest fascinations, in our modern day and time it has become possible for humanity to possess such creations of splendor.   

    Small aircraft of our day are flown across all corners of the globe through the use of both natural physical and electrical phenomena to communicate with and sometimes even to land the winged airships onto concrete or asphalt runways using avionics and advanced automation devices to harness the forces of nature in a productive way.  Such miraculous devices as radar units and air pressure sensors have been developed through the research of mankind over many years to help meter the ships’ air speeds through the atmosphere and so forth.

    A local man and an avionics guru who has recently become a traveling professional has come upon the scene in southern Colorado in a new fashion.  He is a highly trained and accomplished avionics specialist and also the dream child of ASL Aviation Services of Lamar Airport.  This business offers a much needed new service locally and even for a much larger region of Colorado.  His home region specifically includes that of Prowers County.  Scott is a person bold enough to make a difference for the professional and the people that are also just recreational pilots, I do believe.

    Society pushes the professional human beings of today to become evermore specialized in many fields and for some people that includes becoming a pilot in the world of aviation.  Scott Allen of ASL Aviation LLC has been the creator of great new ideas in his field of expertise to improve the equation of avionics.  A brilliant new idea is to travel to a specific region offering pilots the option of getting their aircraft inspected for a bi-annual certification at their own facilities and even aircraft sales, installation and repair.  Such a service allows aircraft owners that are pilots the ability to keep their avionics systems up to date with greater ease and safety.  Also with such inspections the air space above us becomes a much safer place for all concerned, I also do believe.

    Part of Scott Allen’s concept was to publish a calendar on his website bringing his whereabouts into the public domain through the use of the computer conglomeration called the virtual internet which is a compilation of many data storage computers linked together to form an electronic pathway where so many people now share ideas or seek out other historical events.  His intent with the calendar was to show his location so pilots of that region would be able to schedule bi-annuals or aircraft repairs, a valuable new resource for pilots to discover no doubt.

    From the sustained flight at Kitty Hawk on December 17, 1903 where the Wright Brothers had up until that time spent four years studying and experimenting in the field to find ways to eventually conquer gravity by using the air to raise a craft above the ground, looking ahead I sometimes wonder how they would have felt about our modern day state of air travel plotting a flight path into an electrical guidance device and such things.  Today Wilbur and Orville Wright would no doubt be impressed.  One thing that should not be overlooked by all of our airship pilots especially today is the fact that airplanes need regular inspections and maintenance just like our automobiles.


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