I'm posting this as an instructor at Eagle Rock School and as a member of the Estes Park community who is deeply involved in sustainability work at the local level. At Eagle Rock we have pursued PeaceJam projects over the past several years around recycling, composting, and community organizing for change in response to climate change, peak oil, over-consumption, apathy toward nature and the environment, and a desire to build community through service to others. One of our projects has been to organize and host a festival, which we have held on Martin Luther King weekend since 2008. The 3rd annual Estes Earth Fest will be held on January 15-16, 2010 at the historic Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. We would like to extend a special invitation to the people of the Estes Valley to attend so that you can help us make a difference and show that the voices and concerns of young people do matter and that we, as a community, do care about the environment and are willing to work for a better world.

Bill McKibbon, of 350.org has noted that with the lack of commitment by governments in Copenhagen comes greater responsibility at the local level for results we can depend on. This is where communities like Estes Park, Lyons, Fort Collins, Loveland, Parker, Boulder, Greensburg, Kansas, Sebastopol, California, and countless other communities around the country come into the picture. These towns are beginning to take steps toward transition, toward becoming more ecologically resilient, more responsive, more caring, and their efforts must not go unnoticed. The voices of young and old alike must be heard. We cannot leave this work to someone else, it is indeed, everybody's business. Therefore it behooves us to join together in an effort to be heard, to listen, and to act in life-affirming, sustainable, and powerful ways. This is why Estes Earth Fest has continued, and why we are now asking you to participate in this year's festival. These are steps toward transition, something that will happen at the grassroots, in communities like ours, all over the world. It is here that people are facing change. It is here that our actions will make things happen. Perhaps a spark will occur, a connection, a moment of truth enervating the political will in real time.

It's not too late to register for a booth at the festival. Everyone is invited.

You'll find registration forms and other information about the festival at the festival web site: http://estesearthfest.wordpress.com. If you have questions or suggestions, we'd love to hear from you.


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