Hoochi Coochie Raving Review Buzzards Roost Pub and Grill Lamar Colorado

Wow! I always have a good times at the Buzzards Roost in Lamar Co. Sometimes I ride the Amtrack coming from Denver which has a terminal right across the street and then I get a room in that little motel right next door early on Fridays. The cost of the room is cheap. So once I'm all set up for the weekend with my room then I can start to have fun over at the Buzzards Roost where they also have some of the finest home grown Rock & Roll music around. It is a place where musicians come from all territories to play and listen to all kinds of talented players and also is a guitar players paradise. You'll meet some other guitarists in that place. Hee! I really have fun at Jay's place because good music is where it's at for me and then good friendly folks gather in that place as well. Try the Buzzard wings you'll get a treat! My final note: Stevie Ray Vaughan would have hung out at the Buzzards Roost I'm sure. Hee!

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right where i need to be  Buzzards Roost Pub And Grill in Lamar Colorado

Buzzard's Roost | Myspace Video

Buzzards Roost Pub And Grill in Lamar Colorado House Band performing live




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