Calling all angels….Mikala aka Mikki is a 9 yr old medium haired grey and white kitty with green eyes.  She is very healthy and quite pretty.  She is spayed and has had her vaccines.  Mikki had been an indoor/outdoor kitty yet got hit by a car and lost her left hind leg 3 1/2 years ago, although you would never know it.  She can go outdoors for limited amounts of time with supervision and on a harness with a leash…never alone or off leash.  She does like to lounge on an enclosed patio or porch in the warmer weather. She is quite spirited and energetic, runs and enjoys interactive play.   Mikki loves affection and is a companion cat as she will want to hang out with you when you are home.  She would ideally be in a one cat home or perhaps introduced to a kitten.  She's a very intelligent and intuitive cat with an amazing soul.   Did I tell you she adores being brushed...and of course snooze?  She's a very unique kitty with a good disposition.  I am looking for someone to love and care for her and be a good companion. Colleen

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