Really? Is this the Best Lamar has to offer for a Nationally Recongnized Event?

As a resident of Lamar, I can't believe my eyes as I drive through town. The World Series is a huge event. I would think the residents and business owners would take some pride in there homes, and businesses and try to spruce them up for a Nationally recongnized event. As you first come into Lamar from any direction you see cluttered junk yards, buildings falling apart, unpainted, and empty. Then you get to the heart of the Lamar main street, and the homes on main that represent this town look deserted and are full of weeds. The store fronts are unkept and there is trash all about the streets. This event has the potential to bring a lot of new business and or businesses to lamar (assuming the city council would let them of course) lol. The city also recieved a grant for 3 new ball fields and only 1 is going to be ready for this event! Really? only 1. Who is going to be held accountable for this mess up? Apparently no one cares... maybe that's the problem with Lamar? This town is dying and it's because WE dont take pride in it. So how can we face the nation with our nations favorite past time sport? We dont deserve this privledge. I am ashamed to be identified as a resident of Lamar.

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whatchu talking bout fool?
How right you are! It all goes back to our local government or lack there of! Our council leaves little to be desired! PCDI is a joke! Junk cars everywhere, no matter which end you enter the city you see it! But with no balls council we have no inforcement to clean it up? Cops doing weed patrol? Our Building & Code department needs a new manager, Bobby Ward needs to be gone!
But until the citizens speak out then nothing will change!




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