Rick Berthod Plays Buzzards Roost Bar And Grill In Lamar Colorado Sept 7 2013

Rick started playing Blues Guitar seriously in his late teens influenced early by Eric Clapton, Duane Allman, Rory Gallagher,Jeff Beck ,Jimi Hendrix , BB King & Ted Nugent. In 1980 joined the Pine Street Persuaders in Galesburg, Illinois. Rick played  clubs in town even though he was barely old enough to get into a bar.After completing a 4 year Tool & Die apprenticeship in Galesburg, Rick moved to Colorado. While living in Colorado Rick put together his own All-Star Blues Rock band .Heavily influenced by his friend Albert Collins "The Master Of the Telecaster ". The band  put out a record "Raunchy Rick & The Persuader Band" Rick was the opening act for  touring bands traveling though Colorado. The band started touring in the 80's. After moving to LA in 1988, Albert Collins helped Rick put together a band of the best blues players on the West Coast. The doors opened for Rick as a solo artist to perform at festivals and concerts in Europe , Canada and USA . After 30 years the band and their music is better than ever. Rick's contemporary influences are Robben Ford, Warren Hanes& Larry Carlton

 Doug Shreeve

Bassist DOUG SHREEVE  grew up with rock. Geddy Lee and Chris Squire inspired  to pick up a bass. That led to Van Halen, that led to Holdsworth (and Bill Connors...absolutely loved Step It, Double Up and Assembler!), that led to Coltrane!!! That led to going to school. Doug found a good teacher who also exposed him to some jazz recordings.  He played bass in the high school jazz band, even going to "all-state" band one year.  Eventually Doug ended up at Townson State College in Baltimore.He met some good musicians there and started a band. They transcribed lots of Allan Holdsworth and Bill Connors tunes. "Working out and writing down all those great bass lines really accelerated my learning, playing, and my concept", says Doug.   Eventually, all the band members decided to move to Los Angeles to attend the Musicians Institute.   Doug feels that MI was a great experience with lots of exposure to many great players.   He started doing jazz gigs around L.A., paying what he calls his "straight-ahead dues" ...("still paying of course!", he says).He really started to get deep into listening to the classics, Coltrane with Elvin Jones being the most inspirational for him.   

Doug has been the bassist with Rick Berthod for over 14 years.



Born in Hollywood, California, a native to the Los Angeles area. Brett is a real West coast jazz, blues and R&B drummer.  Former Musician’s Institute instructor (Hollywood, CA), Brett was the house drummer at the world famous Baked Potato Club for four years.  During that time he played with many well-known jazz and fusion artists.  His groove and feel make him one of the most sought after drummers around town.

Brett has been the drummer with Rick Berthod for over 10 years

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Show starts at 9:PM Saturday





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