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This show is all about little towns & big towns and also concerns a special love affair that a very strange man has with two beautiful girls that coincidentally also have the peculiar names of Little Town, and Big Town.  Both girls they run him off not knowing of his very unusual side the dark side of his humanity a distortion perhaps of his character of his soul.  He has to decide which girl will it be " Little or Big Town" ?  Because the dark lover has distortion from another realm of his cunning being that lives inside and is constantly confusing his present predator of a mind.  Age old instinct controls him and he is compelled not to decide about which particular girl, one true love he must consider for his own, the women have already decided he must.  The selected girl to become a possession as part of his very complicated destiny?  The serial killer who considers himself to be Moses and then above it all travels along the highways carrying a cane, growing his hair long and making cars fly into the air just like spaceships that cascade up and into the sky.  The impostor of Moses travels far and wide through the big and little towns hitch hiking, riding on trains, flying to new places on the planet to experience through his journey through this his timeline.  He is enjoying his life but part of him is called back to an event of rejection sending his bleeding heart away.  No more resistance left inside, but plenty of the feelings like fear of eternal rejection & damnation, expulsion from the species, and on and on these thoughts drive the mind of the impostor Moses to return to face his own heart place!  Then one day something has brought him to a return point, a town,  once a memory but now his moment in time.  Oh!  Yes! Years had passed for him but now today he has to say goodbye to the beautiful girl named Big Town and once his dream girl.  Unknowing of the scene to soon to come for him he discovers  Little Town that she has something already prepared to say to him.

Who's world changed so quickly? Just like the twinkle of the eyes? Time passes so quickly! In the days of years past there was a voice that settlers heard. "Go west it directed! Strangely so in a humble way" Many followed their visions that had taken years to grow". Go west was on every bodies mind so "Why not?" Many asked of themselves. And people marched forward. Somethings like the hearts of the people may not change so quickly such as with the turbulence in the passing years.




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