Boulder author Tyler Lansford's book on Rome goes into second printing

The Latin Inscriptions of Rome: A Walking Guide
, a book by Boulder writer, scholar and teacher Tyler Lansford, has gone into a second printing. Published in mid-2009 by the Johns Hopkins University Press, the book uses the Eternal City’s wealth of Latin inscriptions, which date from the sixth century BC to the present decade, to paint a rich, kaleidoscopic portrait of Rome from antiquity to our own time.

In a recent review in The Times Literary Supplement (London), Jane Stephenson of the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, wrote "Latin is a less and less common attainment even among educated travellers, so Tyler Lansford has come to the rescue, translating his chosen inscriptions, selected for linguistic or historical interest, and explaining their context. His aim has been to produce a usable, and pocketable, anthology of carefully selected highlights, in which he succeeds admirably. If this book is not slipped into many a Rome-bound suitcase, there is no justice in the world. I can think of few more enjoyable companions on a prowl through the city.

Another reviewer, Mary T. Boatwright, Professor of Classics at Duke University, wrote: "This book is wonderful. My head is full of information I didn't know about Rome, despite my many years there. Lansford's depictions of monuments, cityscape, and memorable humans have inspired me anew with the fascination of Rome."

Lansford is a graduate of Fairview High School and CU Boulder. He holds a Ph.D. in classics from the University of Washington, where he taught Latin and Greek for eight years. He co-founded Seattle Language Academy in 1996 and directed its program in classics for more than a decade. Lansford currently teaches for the CU Classics Department and is working on a second book about Rome.

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