Don't Despair! Address Hail Damage With Paintless Dent Repair

The warmer temperatures of spring have sprung and with them emerges hailstorms that will likely continue through the end of summer.  This might not bother you if you have a garage to protect your car but not everyone is that fortunate.  Not to mention, hailstorms can be unpredictable, meaning sooner or later you are likely to get caught out during a storm.  While a fender bender or an incident with a car door will cause damage to your vehicle's exterior, it is typically confined to one area of the vehicle.  However, when it hails your vehicle will be impacted on all sides, leading to dents and dings over your entire car.  Before you panic, take a deep breath knowing that paintless dent repair can often address hail damage and fully restore your vehicle to like new condition.

First Things First

If your vehicle was caught in a hailstorm, it is important that your first call be to your insurance company.  While many people opt to simply repair minor dents and dings, on their own dime with paintless dent repair, in the case of hail damage it is advisable to make a claim with your insurance company.  Since, hail damage is typically extensive, paying for the damage yourself could get quite expensive.  Moreover, hail damage to your vehicle is precisely why you pay for car insurance each month in the first place.

Typically, the insurance company will send out an adjustor to access the damage, soon after you file a claim.  It never hurts to document the damage immediately with photographs that you can in the interim.  The insurance company may even want you to send them to be reviewed.  Once, an adjustor has evaluated the damage, he or she will provide an estimate and recommend a body shop for repairs to be completed. 

It is advisable to do your own research ahead of time and know where you would prefer to take your car.  The insurance company will always recommend a shop they partner with.  Henceforth, the insurance company will get the best deal, but you won't necessarily get the highest quality work.  Remember you have the right to choose where you will have your vehicle repaired.  Even though the insurance company can recommend a shop, you do NOT have to take your vehicle there.

Be sure to pick a repair shop with experience in paintless dent repair and a good reputation.  It is important that the technician working on your vehicle has the proper tools, training, and experience so that the repair is done correctly.  Furthermore, your repair shop is there to not only repair your car, but also ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.    A reputable shop will work directly with your insurance company to get the repairs completed quickly and correctly so you can get back on the road faster.

Paintless Dent Repair

In recent years, paintless dent repair has grown popular due to its many benefits.  It is currently the top repair method used to fix hail damaged vehicles.  Although, on occasion hail damage with be so severe that it requires more traditional body shop repair methods, the vast majority of cases can be successfully addressed using paintless dent repair.

How It Works

Paintless dent repair works by using specialized tools to gently manipulate the metal and release the dent/ding.  This process is capable of fully restoring your vehicle to the same quality it was prior to the dent/ding occurring.  This wonderful technology works exceptionally well for small dents and dings, providing all of the original paint remained intact.  Consequently, hail damage is generally the perfect kind of damage for the successful use of paintless dent repair because the damage is typically small, and the paint is usually unharmed.

Dents that are very large, are near the edge of the panel, or having missing, chipped, or cracked paint will not be good candidates for paintless dent repair.  Whenever hail damage has exceeded the requirements for successful mitigation using paintless dent repair, traditional paint methods can easily be employed to achieve acceptable results.  Although whenever possible, paintless dent repair remains the best choice for hail damage repair due to its many benefits.

Why Choose Paintless Dent Repair

For those unfamiliar with paintless dent repair, one of the first questions they ask is why choose it over traditional body shop methods that have been used for years and years?  The answer is simple, time and money.

You can expect traditional body work methods to keep your vehicle in the shop for weeks and months at a time; whereas paintless dent repair will have your vehicle repaired and back on the road quickly.  On average, you can count on same day repairs for smaller dent removal jobs and approximately a week or less for more extensive projects like hail damage repair.

Simply put, less time means less labor costs.  Not to mention, since paintless dent repair makes puttying and repainting your vehicle unnecessary, you also save money on materials. Moreover, since the repairs can be completed so quickly, you won't waste precious dollars on renting a vehicle for an extended period of time.

More Benefits

If your time and money alone weren't reasons enough to convince you that paintless dent repair is a great choice for hail damage repair, consider these other great benefits.

Most people rue the day their vehicle is damaged knowing that the equity of their car will suffer since it has been repaired.  With paintless dent repair, it is essentially as if the damage never occurred in the first place.  Paintless dent repair restores your paint and maintains the original paint, making it unnecessary to patch and match paint to the repaired area.  Your paint will remain in factory condition despite the dent removal, allowing your car to look great for years to come. Thus, when you go to trade in or resell your vehicle, you can rest assured that the value of your car won't be impacted by a subpar paint job and repairs.

If your vehicle has been damaged due to an unexpected hailstorm, don't despair!  Make your next call to a reputable repair shop that specializes in paintless dent repair!  Forgot this unfortunate event ever occurred and get your car back on the road in a jiffy with the wonders of paintless dent repair!

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