HOOCHIE COOCHIE RAVING REVIEW Buzzards Roost Bar & grill in Lamar Colorado

The prairie lands remained cool from what was left of the 2015 winter on May 9th Mother's Day weekend. Such a long winter for many Colorado folks. Towns all the way from Denver to Lamar surprised & penetrated by the lingering coolness that prevailed onto the farmland & prairie countryside. I was lucky to stop at the Buzzards Roost Tap & Grill in Lamar Colorado just to warm up & relax, maybe eat something, regenerate myself exhausted from driving along the highway 50 route. Entertainment in the bar was scheduled for this Mother's Day, the year 2015. "Thank the heavens friends" The band Judi showed up to perform for the bar patrons & "yes!" I was excited when they started the event. 
I decided to stick around after hearing the band called Judi begin by playing the tune "Paint It Black" and singing like angels together, all voices so perfectly well in musical time and correspondence, "One could almost here a band of angels supporting them in choir." As the evening hours progressed so did the altering of the crowd, as it would grow in size and number with new faces and some really beautiful and lovely babes coming around. " Sorry! I meant to say. Women, girls, and ladies" The crowd it grew and grew like a new plant would change to blossom into a new light and then settle down relaxing itself towards the time of sundown in the softening sunlight that might shine from the skies above. Different faces somehow appeared inside the rocking buzzard house tap and bar establishment called The Buzzards Roost Bar & Grill as the band seemed to be so ever busy playing songs together delightfully spreading some real musical life about. Jay and his band were so busy pulling different instruments from the shelf to bring out, to gather brand new chops. Wow! I mean hit some hot chops on the little guitar like a mandolin "That I'd never heard before rip on it like that , a little guitar" and Cody bowing out some red hot fiddle licks with the newly discovered instrument the fiddle. Cody had mastered the songs he played on the fiddle & so good and he also provided quality sounding guitar compositions plus he sang vocals with much ease. Jay played guitar, mandolin and sang lead vocal quite often and with so much spectacular flare. Brandon on the drums and sometimes lead vocals a powerhouse drummer and very talented singer. Mark played keyboard & sax! "Like the big daddy sax man that he is." Able was on bass guitar featuring some very hot vocals often lead singing them as well. Good harmonies prevailed with good tunes all in key and the band like the professionals that they have become was not to loud but just about right for the setting and all folks.

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Who considers that the ultimate battle of all time will be fought on a mental battlefield.  Mankind against his own mind, a man that also lives inside an electronic medium, could exist?  Living inside of a box but having the ability to travel electronically with endless parameters to travel constantly in the medium.  Constantly in search every little detail, creations without end, and plugged then in another world still plugged into a vast array of incoming new computer terminal connections?  This universe of man, a great library, a world where originality of work becomes smothered tormented by clusters & clusters of computer generated images and events that shield the work of the little warrior living inside from the medium of the peoples minds, an electronic place.  The little man's greatest fear to be thrown away, sent into a bottomless pit of heaping junk The Medium Of The Minds Place once called obscurity in the great memory banks of time.  The little man must somehow survive inside the pages of social registration,and forgetfulness.  Awe!  The angels of mankind were inspired to discover the beauty of life from a high place in the galaxy.  "I know of a place just like that."  Were love was once shared?  I had would have to ask the group that lived above.  "  No answer yet"  These were my thoughts of the Day & Age

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Theatrical Fusion: Rated G An appealing musical performance sung by Patrick Clelland Allen and the Bristly Pine Band 
It is tough having to leave your dog to travel about the countryside and world. There is so much going between human beings and friendly pooches. Mankind has come so far and survived many years on this planet with the dog. In the cave days I believe that our species needed the pooch to have survived. Dogs hunted and fought against bigger and meaner creatures together side by side in the jungles, and other places of ancient earth with early humans. One time I subconsciously thought of my dog buddy as an it thing! I immediately took him out for a walk and forgot that moment had ever happened. He is now considered to be a kind person. He shares fine meals with the family and always has his own plate of food served from our table. My buddy gets unsettled some days and needs to go outside for a walk about to see the earth out there, smelling the atmosphere, touching the stars high up with his mind. Other times he just prefers to hang with Ole Tubby out on the front porch together. Ole Tubby is tom cat that Berti and I found on the highway early one morning just as a cub warming his little bones, heat from the pavement. But anyway back to walking our doggies. We feel like we belong to the earth, stars & galaxy somehow when walking in a nice place together me and my pooch. Somehow dogs have come this far in time but my pooch is there helping me survive even these new day times.

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I love the Tombstone pizza of the day & age!  All hot and ready to munch on.  Long ago and years past some folks would sneak into the Drive Inn movies while being hidden away inside the trunk of an automobile to see the new movies released from Hollywood.  He would travel around to discover wonderful things like how the projector worked and all.  "I am not confessing but I could have been one of these young little men. To get a good show one must sometime hide away?"  The light show would begin it all Lights ready action as a marvelous ray of light would shoot out of a hole in the side of an ole building like a ray gun. pointing at a big screen " Popcorn candy littered the cement landing at the entrance of the concession stand.  I once thought god was talking to me from the movie screen.  Oh What a sight!  For two pleasant hours the heavens might shake.

Comment by Patrick C Allen on June 9, 2015 at 8:11pm


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