Here Read:+ China Special: A new evil in our world /"Think live lobsters in Chinese restaurant water tanks, waiting for you to walk in and order. Now imagine people in the place of the lobsters. This is not a joke. It's for real and as bad as it comes.""According to the Canadian investigation, supported by media, state reports and international human right watch groups: there are 36 death camps in China, where organs are taken while prisoners - many young and healthy people abducted by authorities - are still alive.""The procedure is simple. If you need a heart, a kidney, a brain or a new eye retina - you just contact one of the numerous hospitals advertising transplant services in China. They'll tell you what they have in stock, or direct you to check the supply straight with a court or a prison.""There 'beating hearts' are waiting for you, most in their thirties or forties, unaware of their fate."+ Deep Flaws, and Little Justice, in China's Court System / NY Times:"... forced confessions remain endemic in a judicial system that faces pressure to maintain 'social stability' at all costs."+ Human Rights In China / Facts and Details:"China has been accused of using torture and arbitrary detention and denying people basic freedoms of speech, press and religion.""In March 2008, the United States State Department removed China from its list of the 10 worst human rights violators. It did so just before the Tibetan uprising. A report said that China’s 'overall human rights record remained poor,' the government increasingly harasses people thought to be a threat to the state and abuses found in China included 'extrajudicial killings, torture and coerced confessions of prisoners and the use of forced labor.' THE STATE DEPARTMENT DIDN'T SAY WHY CHINA WAS REMOVED FROM THE LIST."+ Complaint For Deprivation Of Constitutional Rights And Privileges by Virtue of a RICO Criminal Enterprise / Falun Gong at Findlaw ( For Professionals / News and Commentary / Featured Documents / Falun Gong)+ China arming terrorists / Washington Times (found in Free Republic ):“New intelligence reveals China is covertly supplying large quantities of small arms and weapons to insurgents in Iraq and the Taliban militia in Afghanistan, through Iran.”'Some arms were sent by aircraft directly from Chinese factories to Afghanistan and included large-caliber sniper rifles, millions of rounds of ammunition, rocket-propelled grenades and components for roadside bombs, as well as other small arms."+ Zimbabwe Arms Shipped by China Spark an Uproar / NY Times:"A Chinese ship loaded with armaments for Zimbabwe steamed into the port of Durban this week and set off a political firefight, putting newfound pressure on South Africa — and now China — to reduce support for Zimbabwe’s government as it cracks down on its rivals after a disputed election."+ Policy Brief on Electronic Voting Systems / Brennan Center For Justice (NYU School of Law):"All three of the most commonly purchased electronic voting systems have significant security and reliability vulnerabilities.""Few jurisdictions have implemented any of the key countermeasures that could make the least difficult attacks against voting systems much more difficult to execute."+ Autism Risk linked To Distance From Power Plants, Other Mercury-releasing Sources / Science News, 2008:—“A newly published study of Texas school district data and industrial mercury-release data, conducted by researchers at The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, indeed shows a statistically significant link between pounds of industrial release of mercury and increased autism rates. It also shows—for the first time in scientific literature—a statistically significant association between autism risk and distance from the mercury source.”+ Maine Compact Fluorescent Lamp Breakage Study Report / Maine Gov:—“Cleaning up a broken CFL by vacuuming up the smaller debris particles in an un-vented room can elevate mercury concentrations over the MAAG in the room and it can linger at these levels for hours. Vacuuming tends to mix the air within the room such that the one foot and five foot heights are similar immediately after vacuuming. A vacuum can become contaminated by mercury such that it cannot be easily decontaminated. Vacuuming a carpet where a lamp has broken and been visibly cleaned up, even weeks after the cleanup, can elevate the mercury readings over the MAAG in an un-vented room.”+ Mercury in vaccines as a cause of autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs): A failed hypothesis:—“The fires of hysteria were stoked even higher by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who published a truly twisted and misleading piece of pseudojournalism and pseudoscience published simultaneously in Rolling Stone and on entitled Deadly Immunity ... RFK Jr. almost single-handedly managed to stoke fears that vaccines were causing an “epidemic of autism.”+ ‘Green’ lightbulbs poison workers / TimesOnline:—“Large numbers of Chinese workers have been poisoned by mercury, which forms part of the compact fluorescent lightbulbs. A surge in foreign demand … has also led to the reopening of mercury mines that have ruined the environment.”OBAMA & CO = THE DEVIL!!!

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Comment by Brad Shannon on August 5, 2009 at 10:52am
depending on the browser you use, it can be a challenge to format your entries -- but breaking them up a bit makes them much easier to read


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