We are really excited! Our oldest daughter is going on a bike ride! I’ll bet you’re less than impressed with that.. This is sort of a special bike ride though, you see, six months ago Suzanne, at age 47, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. Five months ago she went through a very extensive double mastectomy. For the last four months she’s been going through six chemotherapy treatments, which of course claimed her hair, her eyelashes and eyebrows. But through the skill and dedication of the medical profession and her unlimited optimism and joy of life, next Sunday, August 30th, she will be riding in the Venus de Miles bike ride. And then the next day she starts six weeks of daily radiation treatments.

Venus de Miles is the first Colorado women only bike ride. It’s a project of the Greenhouse Scholars Foundation which raises money to support high performing under resourced college students. It starts Sunday morning at 7 a.m., leaving from Prospect Park in Longmont, to Hygiene, to Lyons, to Jamestown and then back to Prospect Park. It can be a 35 mile, 50 mile or 65 mile ride. Suzanne of course has chosen the 65 mile ride.

Being a big biker, Suzanne is in awe of Lance Armstrong and his horrific battle with testicular cancer. His efforts have raised millions for cancer research. That gave Suzanne the idea of putting together a sub group of riders for Venus de Miles who would ride for her cause , the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation (her type of cancer). I’ve always felt it somewhat ironic that a women who loses her breasts to cancer idolizes a man who nearly lost his testicles, but that’s cancer for you.

Cancer hasn’t slowed this gal down. At last count there were 90 women signed up to ride as a Soozer’s Cruiser, all with her personally designed Jersey, with the motto, “Save the Ta Ta’s”. Additionally there will be another dozen or more ground support people wearing lime green (her favorite color) T shirts with the “Save the Ta Ta’s” legend. She has chosen as her “domestique” (assistant with honors or personal slave) her younger sister, Stephanie Busby of Lyons.

Secretly, she confides that for just this one day, we should think of this as the Tour de Boulder County. And the winners won’t be wearing yellow jerseys down the Champs St. Vrain but will be all the women who win the cancer battle because of generous research donations. In her words it’s “if one person can make a difference, than together we can change the world”.

We are so totally thankful to see her on that bike!!! .

If you want to make a donation: TNBC Foundation, P.O. Box 204, Norwood, NJ 07648
Or visit www.tnbcfoundation.org

Help us welcome the group to Lyons, should arrive around 8:00 A.M., Sunday, August

Jill and Al Musser 303-823-5121 Parents of Suzanne Phillips.

Photo is of Suzanne Phillips and her husband Rick.

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