To Upload Photos
To upload photos, click on “Photos” in the top middle of the home page.
You’ll be redirected to the main photos page. Click the “Add Photos” button located towards the upper right.
Next, you’ll get the option of uploading photos from your computer. On the left side of the screen is a browser window entitled "My Computer." Click on the photo you want to upload and – holding down the mouse button – drag the photo to the right. If you want to drag multiple photos over, simply hold the shift button down as you highlight the photos you want to drag over. Once they’re all highlighted, click on the block of photos and drag them to the right all at once. You can upload 100 photos at a time. Once you’re finished selecting photos, click the “Next” button at the bottom right.
You’ll be redirected to a window where you can enter information about your photos. The top menu, “Information for All Photos,” has information that can apply to every photo. For example, if all of your photos are from the same event, type the name of the event in one of the text boxes. This same menu gives you sharing options – do you want your photos to be seen by anyone? Just your friends? Only you? Click on the box that applies. Be sure to click “Apply this info to the photos below.”
The text boxes below “Information for All Photos” pertain to the individual photos. If you would like to enter individual descriptions for each photo, this is where you’ll do it.
Once you’re finished, click the “Upload” button.
To Comment on a Photo
To comment on a photo on the main page, click on the photo and post your comment in the text box below. Hit “Add Comment” and you’re done!
If you’d like to send a message to the MyTown Colorado member who posted the photo, click on the photo. Underneath the user’s profile is a “Send Message” button.

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