Kineticists Trials, Exhibit, and Parade Saturday May 3rd

29th annual Kineticists Trials, Exhibit and Parade 2008
Saturday May 3rd - Twenty Ninth Street mall in Boulder

9am - 11am
Kineticists Trials - Northeast parking lot
Human powered drag races, manoevering challenges, figure eight races, and the chance for the public to soak the contestants

11am - noon
Exposition - in the core areas of Twenty Ninth Street
View the Kinetic Sculptures and vote for your favorites with $ - all funds raised go to the Boulder County Foster Children's Association

Noon Parade
Kinetic Sculptures, bands, bicycles, and other non-motorized entries parade through the core of Twenty Ninth Street with skit performances and karaoke contests

1:30 pm
Award Ceremony
On the plaza near Macy’s, the Great Kinetic Wizard will bestow merits upon the participants

Come on down and watch, or visit if you would like to participate!

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