Block 1750 Celebrates Five Year Anniversary, Brings Murmuration Back to Chautauqua Auditorium June 22nd

Boulder, CO. - June 16th, 2019

Block 1750, a dance-based cultural center located in downtown Boulder, Colorado, will be hosting its annual event, Murmuration, in conjunction with celebrating five years since opening its doors to the public.

Block 1750, also known as The Block, is an incredible example of the power of Boulder's community and youth to turn big dreams into reality. The Block is unique in Boulder's business scene in that it is an organization that was built from the ground up, for the community, by the community that it serves.

Murmuration, which predates the Block, began in 2012 and has since brought some of the best underground talent in music and dance from across the western United States and beyond to perform under one roof. Murmuration 2019 brings a new cast of artists to the stage. Through live music and dance, the story follows a crew of five characters as they struggle to overcome their individual trials and hardships while sticking together as their world starts to twist and turn into the dark unknown. With an inspiring message of courage, spirit, and community, the show features a live score written and performed by Von Disco, and over forty-five dancers with a wide variety of styles including: Bboying, Popping, Krump, Hip Hop, Contemporary, and more.

(Photo Credit Casey Raser)

“[It’s] difficult to describe the odyssey of composing and rehearsing for such an unbelievable array of dancers and artists. Utterly humbling.” — Tyson Bennett, Von disco.

Where live concert meets dance theater, and where street dancers take the stage, Murmuration creates artistic unity through unexpected collaborations. More info can be found at

More about the organization:

Block 1750 was formed in 2014 in hopes of fulfilling the need for an open space for artists and people of diverse backgrounds to come together, host community gatherings, organize events, develop their artistic talent, and discover a network of support and community. The Block successfully fundraised over $40,000 in donations from individuals and organizations around Colorado, in order to build out the 3,000 square foot space it currently occupies right in downtown Boulder. In only five years, The Block has quickly grown into an internationally recognized location and hub for dancers and performance artists to gather.

“[It’s] an amazing spot built by incredible people with nothing but elbow grease, grit, and a passion for making the world a better place.” — Dia Beshara, Founder of Absolute Studios, Denver.

Earlier this year, the Block was awarded an operational grant from the Boulder Arts Commission for the second time, in the amount of $30,000. This grant will be used to increase their sustainability as an organization, while helping them to continue to foster a welcoming space for youth and individuals from all walks of life. You can support the Block by attending Murmuration, checking out their weekly classes, or by visiting them online at


Sarah Touslee, Marketing & Communications Director Block 1750
(970) 690-3863

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