Danse Etoile Ballet offering great one on one training in its new studio in Broomfield

Plus lots of performance opportunities for young dancers between age of 10 and 26, with opportunities to perform with professional dancers and musicians in a professional theater.
Acting is also a very important part of the training.
Dancing is expressing the music or words with your movement, facial expression....
Everyone with the passion of dance and dedication is welcome at Danse Etoile Ballet.
Call us. Come dance with us,
3400 industrial lane.

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Dear Madame Payannet,

I wanted to congratulate you and the dancers of the Dance Etoile youth ballet on your captivating performance of Matilda at the Dairy Center for the Arts. It was a joy to see the light, bright footwork, unique story line, and the depth and energy your dancers brought to the performance. Bravo!

Your choreography captured the perfect combination of classical and contemporary ballet movement, whimsy, magic, and athletic ability for each of the dancers. I can imagine that this was no small feat and I commend you and your dancers for it. It was, in a word, fantastic!

Over the past three years our family has attended several of your performances at the Boulder Creek Festival, Dance is for Every Body and the Dairy Center for the Arts. Each time we come away with a new appreciation of dance from the original choreography, the meticulously rehearsed moves, the improvisation, and your ability to showcase so many students in solos. Equally impressive is your development and stewardship over the dancers. Thank you so very much for sharing this rare gift with us.

The Dance Etoile performances have become “an absolutely must see” in our household and we are looking forward to once again being moved to tears of joy and laughter.

With sincere congratulations,

Jim Chivers
Niwot Colorado




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