The Fort Collins Velodrome Association proudly presents its second annual 6 Days of Velodrome Style Racing at the CSU Oval. Like last year, racing will be held each Sunday from July 12 to August 16 from 3:00 to 7:00 p.m. In addition to free, family-friendly fun and fast-paced excitement for spectators, there will be a wide variety of race categories for all ages and abilities again this year, including kids to novice racers to experienced cyclists, on everything from big wheels and tricycles, to custom fixed-gear and freewheeling bicycles.

News 4 Critic at Large and devoted cyclist Greg Moody, attended as a special guest announcer at last year’s 6-Day Races event, dubbing the event as “bicycle racing for everybody”.

Those interested in racing should arrive early on July 12 for registration, safety instructions and pointers, a skills clinic for new riders, bike inspection and warm-up.

The event is free for spectators. Race fees are free for kids and teens, and just $10 per category for racers 18 and older. A one-time $5 individual or $10 family membership to the Fort Collins Velodrome Association is suggested. Volunteers to help with the event, especially those with cycling experience, are welcome.

What is Track Racing?
Bicycle track racing is typically done on a velodrome, a banked, oval track where racers put their strength, speed, endurance and tactics to the test in multi-lap races. Six-day races were originally just that – single riders, or teams of two, would ride as many laps of the track as they could in a six-day period. From 1890 until 1935, the Jazz Age, six-day bicycle racing was America’s most popular sport, run in front of packed houses at Madison Square Garden and other major venues around the country, with riders earning a handsome living. Events will be shorter in time and duration for the 6-Day Races at the CSU Oval, but racing will be held for six consecutive Sundays.

For more information on the non-profit Fort Collins Velodrome Association or the race series, visit

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