Free Trees to Combat Global Warming and the Emerald Ash Borer, starting June 3rd

Christopher Brown and Elizabeth Black, joint owners of Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm, are pleased to announce that we once again have 400 small seedling trees to give away this summer, starting Saturday June 3rd at 7AM.  The give-away will run until all the trees are gone. 

 With the arrival of the Emerald Ash Borer in Boulder, NOW is the time to plant that replacement tree for your ash tree.  Then you can sit back and enjoy your ash tree for as long as it lasts, secure in the knowledge that when it dies you will have a new good-sized tree established to take its place.

 The free trees are 1 – 3 foot tall Russian hawthorns, Kentucky coffee trees, horse-chestnuts, hackberries, oaks, choke cherries, ginnala maples, Ohio buckeyes, Japanese pagoda trees, golden rain trees, locusts, and catalpas.  There are also some raspberries and the aggressive North Boulder rose, which deer are afraid of.  All trees are drought resistant, but of course will grow faster and fix more carbon with extra water.

 This is the 11th year Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm has given away trees.  Last year we gave away our 4000th tree!   We are located on 13th St, one block east of Broadway between Upland and Violet. Look for “Nelly-Belle the Carbon Cart” in front of the house, and pick out your tree.  Planting instructions are in a box on the cart. More information about planting your tree may be found at this link:

 Planting trees helps sequester carbon in the soil and combat global warming, and can make your life much more pleasant and cool!


For more information, please contact:  

Elizabeth Black and Christopher Brown

Your Neighborhood Christmas Tree Farm

4340 N 13th St.  Boulder, CO 80304


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