From a young girl who was bullied for more than two years, Maya Claridge, now a freshman at Legacy High School, has a beautifully bold message she is sharing with other students.  That message is to put down the shame, put down the fear, put down the pain and rise above bullying.

"If I can survive being bullied, so can you," says Claridge, who describes the years in which she was bullied as the "darkest and loneliest time" of her life.  "I don't want anyone to feel alone," she says which is why she started the Bullied to Bold tour.  Traveling to middle schools throughout the state, Claridge shares her story and delivers her message of hope, inspiring and encouraging students toward both survival and change.

"Bullying doesn't just hurt," Claridge says.  "It kills."  Statistically, there's no 

arguing that fact.  Too many young lives have been lost and as the suicide rate continues to climb it becomes more and more apparent that bullying is a factor that cannot be ignored.

"You try to ignore the pain inside, but it just won't go away.  Too many nights you lay and cry, don't want to face another day," are lyrics from Claridge's upcoming release entitled, PUT IT DOWN, which was written and recorded specifically for the Bullied to Bold tour.  Releasing the song with Indasoul Records, Claridge hopes it will help empower students who are being bullied to transform from victim to victor.

The Bullied to Bold tour is free to all Colorado middle schools and high schools.

The tour is also offered to youth related groups not associated with academic institutions.

Claridge is scheduled to appear on Colorado & Company on January 22, 2016 to promote the tour.  Check the website or FB page for updated information.

For more information including how to book Maya Claridge on the Bullied to Bold tour, visit

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