The production of HEISENBERG, by Simon Stephens, draws to a close this weekend, 8/31 and 9/1, at The Dairy Center for the Arts. 

The title has nothing to do with the character in AMC’s “Breaking Bad”. British playwright Simon Stephens borrows his title from the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle of quantum physics. The play tells the story of an electric encounter that thrusts two strangers, Georgie, a 42-year-old bipolar woman, and Alex, a 75-year-old butcher, into a fascinating and life-changing game. In the words of renowned physicist, Richard Feynman, “I will not describe it in terms of an analogy with something familiar. I will simply describe it.” (See Richard P. Feynman, “The Messenger Lectures”, 1964, MIT.) And that is exactly what Stephens does with his unconventional take on the opposites attract theory of relationships; he simply describes it and leaves it up to us to struggle with our desire to see it in terms of something familiar. In a nod to quantum entanglement, the play is also a study in the way that two people can change each other, in this case for the better.

HEISENBERG is directed by Chris Thatcher, an acting coach and director formerly from Los Angeles. Thatcher has run the “Chris Thatcher Acting Studio” in Boulder for over a decade, and is the founder of “Drala Productions”. He says “we chose this play to expose our community to the diversity of human relationships free from judgment or bias.” Thatcher happens to have another auspicious Boulder connection: He was an undergrad theater major and advisee of the late Boulder theatre luminary, Gordon Wickstrom. (

Playwright Simon Stephens is internationally renowned for his award-winning play, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. Boulder’s production of HEISENBERG stars Kasey Lohman and Danny Mann, and is running at the Carsen Theater at The Dairy Center for the Arts in an intimate audience configuration as it was in the original Off-Broadway and Broadway productions. General admission tickets available from $20-$25, at the Dairy Center Box Office,

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