Humanity's Team Medicine Wheel for Children, their parents, and extended family (Everyone) Free Event

Medicine Wheel for Children, Parents, and extended families (Everyone) This is a free event
Saturday August 21, 2010

August 21 Medicine Wheel for Children and their parents on the largest Medicine Wheel in North America The Golden Age Mine. Michelle Many has volunteered her time to support Humanity's Team kids. Please join us in exploring other cultures and traditions.

For a description of the Medicine Wheel, click here.
Michelle is of Chippewa descent from the Turtle Mountain Clan in North Dakota. She brings to us her knowledge of the Native American Medicine Wheel and how we can utilize it's messages to help us in our daily lives as we "walk the good red road". At this beautiful Native American Ceremony you and your child will experience a true understanding of the Native American Prayer Wheel and the wonderful healing medicine that it brings. We will be learning about the four directions and their spirit keepers, the crystals and animals associated with each position as well as the 12 moon totems and the spirit pathways to the Creator. 

We all pray to Creator no matter what religionwe are. We come together at this ceremony to drum, sing and open our hearts to the magic of the ancestral worlds of the Native American's through this beautiful prayer wheel ceremony.
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Bring your drums and rattles. Receive a Native American Blessing. Open your hearts to the land and the four leggeds, the wind, and water people, the stone and tree people. Experience a reverence for our Mother the Earth who provides us with all that we need to survive. Hear stories from the Star Maiden's and the Star Boys. Feel yourself transform with the love that is true healing medicine at the heart of our wheel.
Michelle is a holistic practitioner, hypnotherapist, emotional counselor and retreat facilitator. She is quite well versed in the Native American healing arts. Michelle is also a published author. Her current publication, "The Planetary Meditations" is composed of three cd's of guided imagery meditations that are filled with lush imagery that transports the listeners to the planets in our solar system where both physical and emotional healing can take place at the subconscious level through positive suggestions for change that are woven through the stories. The stories are set to light classical and smooth jazz music done by a Grammy award winning musician. Michelle has infused the music with her smooth voice, sweet songs and actual planetary frequencies that provide vibrational healing at all levels. The full color workbook includes healing questions with each meditation for even deeper levels of healing.
Bring a potluck dish for everyone to share. Donations will be accepted but are not mandatory. You will also have a chance to purchase Michelle's wonderful three cd and full color bookset, "The Planetary Meditations." For more information about Michelle Many or to bring her to your group please visit:
We will have two Wheel Ceremonies, One from 10 am to 1 pm with a two hour lunch break that includes a half hour book signing at the beginning of the lunch break and another book signing at the end of the second wheel.
10 am to 1 pm -- First Medicine Wheel
1 pm to 1:30 pm -- Book Signing
1:30 pm to 3 pm -- Lunch Break
3 pm to 6 pm -- Second Medicine Wheel
6 pm to 6:30 pm -- Book Signing Michelle Many
Holistic Mountain
970-827-5622 new business number
PO Box 64
Red Cliff, CO 81649

The space is limited to 20 children per wheel so please email dee.meyer@humanitysteam.orgto reserve your space. Please contact me if you are interested in upcoming Humanity's Team Kids Events.

Dee Meyer
Humanity's Team Colorado Coordinator
P.O. Box 224
Jamestown, Co. 80455

Please sign the Oneness Declaration!  Then pass on to all you know.  Thank you for helping the earth to celebrate our commonalities rather than getting side tracked by our differences. 
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