Local Film Makers Bring the Bigfoot Mystery to the Big Screen

Local filmmakers Ron Meyer of Louisville, Colorado and Alan Megargle of Westminster, Colorado will be screening their documentary Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed at the Historic Park Theater in Estes Park, Colorado on Saturday November 13th at 2PM. The film explores the possible link between Bigfoot and the UFO/Alien phenomenon and features interviews with some of the country’s top investigators in the field of UFO and Bigfoot research. Ron and Alan traveled to several locations for the film and were able to conduct their own investigation at locations that include, The Owl Moon Lab in Cottage Grove, Oregon and The House of Mystery at the Montana Vortex in Columbia Falls, Montana. After the film the directors will conduct a live Q&A to share their experiences and answer all of your questions about the UFO/Bigfoot subject and the film. Sasquatch Clothing Company will also be on hand with some great new Bigfoot related merchandise to jump start your holiday shopping! Tickets are $11 and available at:

Historic Park Theater

130 Moraine Avenue

Estes Park, Colorado 80517




We are not alone in the universe. Alien life is here right now, contacting us in the form of Bigfoot, UFOs, orbs, and other inter-dimensional paranormal phenomena. These experiences are changing human nature as we have known it. Learn how researchers have identified locations where portals are opening to reveal many forms of nonhuman intelligence - intelligent lifeforms that are being kept secret.


Director Bios:

Ron Meyer owns a film production company, Centre Communications in Louisville, Colorado. He has produced and directed feature films, including the first feature film for Discovery Communications “Legend of the Spirit Dog “. He is author/co-author of four novels with the latest being Bigfoot Singularity. Ron leads flow workshops, is a 5th degree black belt in Aikido and a world-renowned fossil collector. In October 2021 his new science fiction novel “Aliens 2035: The End of Technology” has been released. Recently he produced the number one streaming documentary series on Amazon prime about serial killers. As a follow-up to the highly successful Amazon prime series “Chasing Bigfoot” he's produced an award-winning documentary feature called “The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed”.


Alan Megargle is a filmmaker, event organizer, paranormal investigator and Bigfoot researcher. He produced the film Minerva Monster and directed the films "The Back 80: A Modern Day Bigfoot Encounter", "Ghosts in Ghost Towns: Haunting the Wild West" and "The Bigfoot Alien Connection Revealed". Alan produces and co-stars in the paranormal adventure series "Trails to the Unknown" on Amazon Prime. He began conducting Bigfoot investigations with the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (B.F.R.O.) in his home state of Ohio over a decade ago. Alan has had numerous encounters and has witnessed many strange occurrences that have provided fuel to his quest for seeking answers. Along with his friends, Alan runs a yearly Bigfoot camp-out called Bigfoot Adventure Weekends, in Bailey, Colorado where he teaches attendees how to conduct their own investigations and takes them out to search for the elusive Sasquatch.


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