LOUISVILLE, CO—When Compassionate Pain Management, LLC (CPM) opened its doors in Louisville, Colorado in October, the email applications to Westword’s call for a Medical Marijuana critic (a paid reporter position) were streaming in. Editor Patricia Calhoun was getting calls from old pals like Harry Smith from CBS, a former freelancer for Calhoun when he lived in Denver along with the New York Times, CBS’s The Early Show, the Wall Street Journal, AP, BBC, NPR and others.
Calhoun joked that all the fuss had to do with Westword hiring despite national highs of unemployment.

People laughed.

Then Calhoun commented on a trait the applicant pool shared: “The longer they used pot, the less they used punctuation.”

People laughed at that too—even the people from the Far Right…which goes to show you how really far the State of Colorado has come in tolerating, if not totally legalizing, the use of marijuana as a medicine. To date, the Colorado Legislature is one of the first states to legalize medical marijuana and medical marijuana dispensaries for patients over 18 years old suffering from conditions treated by marijuana—MS to cancer to severe pain.

The shifting of the right to the left is exactly the reason proprietor Shaun Gindi launched Compassionate Pain Management, a holistic pain treatment center and medical marijuana dispensary located in the Village Shops in Colony Square in Louisville…right next to the Home Depot, Lowe’s, Tokyo Joe’s, Noodles, and Subway. The Financial Analyst -turned-entrepreneur and his partner, Steven Caplan, had a vision of creating a model from which the State of Colorado can look at when further regulation of the Cannabis industry is introduced. Recent news has shown that they have achieved their goal as they have successfully introduced a new range of holistic services from sports massage to wellness education to dispensary to a single location. You can even hire an MMJ Grow Consultant to walk you through setting up and cultivating your own medicine, whether it be a single plant or a commercial operation. This one-stop shop has elevated the dispensary model to new heights leaving much of the competition scrambling to provide the vital services that are standard fare on the CPM menu.

Now that the doors to www.compassionatepm.com are open, the owners have found that their foremost task is to convince the public that they are not only bringing high-quality medicine to the public, but rather a medical alternative, an Eastern one to a western world where treatment consists of many modalities and techniques. Their goal is to help heal patients through alternative methods. It’s very common to be tapped on the shoulder by a CMT offering a 10-minute chair massage while on the premises compliments of the house.

The dispensary features a waiting room that has all the décor of a Cherry Creek North spa, maybe even a little better, admittedly. You don’t come here to get tatted up or sit around a hookah or bong because this is a No Smoking location, like most public buildings are these days. Instead, patients come here for Reiki, massage therapy, acupuncture therapy, and a myriad of other body treatments from Sports Massage to Deep Tissue to Swedish.

No one here is breaking a sweat because of breaking a law. Indeed, the sweat is coming off the brows of the highly trained massage and acupuncture therapists who perform treatments for patients in Aveda-spa-like rooms. This nascent business is open 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. M-F and Saturday 11am – 4pm. Patients seeking body or energy work (reiki, cranial-sacral, and medical intuitive) can call ahead to schedule an appointment or reserve their appointment online by dialing into www.compassionatepm.com. The Wellness Center and Dispensary is available by walk-in during business hours. They also offer delivery service as well as appointments with a Caregiver to avoid a wait should there be a line. To further enhance the MMJ dispensing, a patient’s visit can be shortened by completing a sushi-menu-like form, eliminating any waiting.

This is clearly a departure from the typical dispensary with flat-screen TVs and video game machines. Or even of last year. Gindi is actually more his demographic than not. He could blend in at the supermarket, fit in at the country club, and is an A-personality, not a stoner. While he enjoys the lounge aspect of existing dispensaries, the goal of CPM is to provide absolute top-shelf MMJ or cannabis while also providing the opportunity for patients to work towards the goal of curing their ailment through the alternative therapy. The average age of user in Colorado is reported to be 41 years old—younger than a Baby Boomer, older than a Gen Y. Definitely not part of the T-Generation (Twitter, Tweet, Textology, Teen and slightly upwards set).

Gindi’s biggest concern is getting the word out to potential customers that this isn’t a racket, but is in fact a medically-based solution that has been a long time coming. Some proponents liken it to raking water uphill. One thing’s certain, you will not hear Rap pounding from his location, nor will you see teens trying to pass themselves off as 18+. Or if they do try to use a fake ID, you can rest assured that Compassionate Pain Management’s owners and therapists won’t be all that compassionate and will turn the little rascals into the law.

Meanwhile, a look around the waiting room looks oddly just like your local physician’s office at this time of year with a handful of people waiting politely to be next in line for a flu shot. Opps, that’s the other medical office. Breathe easy.

For information call 303-665-5596 or visit Compassionate Pain Management online at www.compassionatepm.com.

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