On December 1st, Goodie Bag, a new local startup in Boulder, Colorado is launching! 

Hello everyone, my name is Ethan Mills. I am the CMO and co-founder of a food tech start-up called Goodie Bag Food Co. I’m reaching out because we have launched here in Boulder this November and are trying to raise awareness about our company’s mission to end food waste and food insecurity! 

For context,

Goodie Bag is a marketplace solution for surplus food. Through our two-sided marketplace, we connect customers with restaurants' (and other stores’) surplus food for pickup at a discounted price. Restaurants list available "goodie bags" consisting of their perfectly good, unsold food and specify a pickup time. Customers then browse available goodie bags and make an in-app purchase, to reserve one for pickup. Restaurants salvage revenue on otherwise sunk costs while attracting new customers who receive quality, ready-to-eat food at a discounted price. The beauty of our business model is that it is a win for everybody; food providers earn revenue, customers receive a great deal on quality food, and our planet is greener from reduced food waste.  


If anyone located here in Boulder is interested in participating in our beta platform launching on December 1st, you can reserve your access to the beta platform: Register Here!

We thank you for your time and hope to see you join us in our mission to end food waste one goodie bag at a time!

Learn more about us in our feature in the Denver Business Read the full article here.

Visit our website: Goodie Bag Food Co


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