Colorado -  Most 14-year olds haven’t released a song on iTunes or written a book, but most aren’t like Colorado teen, Maya Claridge.


Bullied for over two and a half years in middle school, Claridge says it was the “darkest and loneliest” time of her life and she doesn’t want anyone to feel that way.  In January 2016, Claridge began traveling to schools and youth organizations throughout the state, sharing her story and spreading an anti-bullying message of hope and kindness. Her tour is called Bullied to Bold, which accurately reflects the change in Claridge’s life. (


Claridge’s message is powerful not because her experience with bullying is worse than the norm but because it is similar to what thousands of kids are facing every day across the country and around the globe, making her story relatable.  “Bullying is a problem we can’t ignore,” says Claridge.  “It not only hurts kids, it causes them to hurt and even kill themselves.”


Through the tour, her song and now her book release, Claridge hopes to inspire the youth toward both survival and change, emphasizing the need for her generation to “Stop Hate Before it’s Too Late.”


The song, written and recorded by Claridge in conjunction with LA based Indasoul Records, is called PUT IT DOWN and encourages kids to put down the things that hurt them and the things they use to hurt themselves and overcome.  It is available on iTunes.


In the book, entitled, PUT IT DOWN: Going from Bullied to Bold, Claridge tells her story and addresses not only bullying victims, but bystanders, parents, teachers and the bullies as well.  Her message is powerfully clear and a must-read for every pre-teen and teen.  Claridge’s book is available in both print and Ebook from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Smashwords.


For more information on the song, the book and the tour, visit



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