Organo-Lawn Introduces New & Improved 100% Organic One Earth Weed Control and Fertilizer

Highly Effective Lawn Care System for the Eco-Conscious Consumer

In celebration of Earth Month, Organo-Lawn is proud to re-introduce One Earth Weed Control and Fertilizer, a 100% organic post-emergent weed control and fertilizer application that will kill most broadleaf weeds within 48 hours. This exclusive new-and-improved formulation was created by and available in Colorado exclusively through Organo-Lawn. The revolutionary product is currently in the works of being licensed by Organo-Lawn to other organic lawn care companies across the country.


 “We first introduced One Earth five years ago and it took three years of tweaking the formula to get it completely dialed in,” said Brad Wolfe, founder and CEO of Organo-Lawn. “One Earth Weed Control and Fertilizer is 100% organic and kills weeds in a lawn after they have germinated, and won’t damage the grass. Anybody that deals with organic products knows how hard it is to kill weeds but not damage the grass. We can do it and it happens fast.”


The product is a mix of ingredients that are all food grade. The main ingredients include clove oil, a special form of iron and an organic fertilizer similar to a Compost Tea. One Earth Weed Control is considered edible and is non-toxic to pets, people, and the planet. Within 48 hours of an application the weeds will turn black and die. One Earth Weed Control works exceptionally well on Colorado’s prodigious dandelions.  


“Here at the Humane Society of Boulder Valley, we use Organo-Lawn’s One Earth Weed Control product because it’s effective and most importantly, it’s non-toxic to pets, dogs, cats, and people!” said Rick Bettger, Facilities Manager.


Clove leaf oil and iron-based weed controls have traditionally been used as a non-selective weed and grass application, killing anything in its path. During the first few years of working with these products Organo-Lawn determined that if the application was too heavily it would kill both weeds and grass, and if too light it was completely ineffective.  Organo-Lawn knew how to add additional ingredients to make the products more potent to weeds but less damaging to grasses.  After a few years of adding different surfactants (wetting agents) Organo-Lawn discovered which additional ingredients made the product most effective.  Now the formulation is consistent in all conditions-warm and cool temperatures, drought and moisture, etc.  Finally, Organo-Lawn tested around 60 different nozzles to find out which pattern of mist was most effective for application. The result is the first highly effective 100% organic weed killer offered to consumers in Colorado.


One Earth Weed Control is incredibly effective in controlling dandelions, thistle and plantain and should be applied early in the spring growing season for best results. The company sees control rates up to 90%+ when lawns are treated in late April or May. The new application is available exclusively through Boulder based Organo-Lawn. For more information visit or call 303-499-2000.


About Organo-Lawn

Boulder-based Organo-Lawn was founded in 1997 by Brad Wolfe whose goal was to create an alternative to conventional, chemical-based lawn care companies by using products that are both environmentally and people friendly. Organo-Lawn’s proprietary lawn-care products include the 100% organic pre-emergent weed control called Synergy and 100% organic fertilizer called Pax Terra Plus (fertilizer) which are specifically designed to work with Colorado’s soil conditions. The company provides both 100% organic lawn care programs as well as combination packages such as their “Smarter Weed Control” program which allows the homeowner to spot treat voracious weeds with a limited exposure to synthetic pesticides. Organo-Lawn services the following communities: Arvada, Berthoud, Boulder, Broomfield, Erie, Firestone, Fort Collins, Frederick, Golden, Lafayette, Laporte, Longmont, Louisville, Loveland, Lyons, Mead, Niwot, Superior, Wellington, Westminster, and Windsor.  Organo-Lawn’s green commitment extends past the lawn service: Sixteen Organo-Lawn service trucks are fueled with B100 biodiesel; the office and shop are powered by 100% wind or solar energy; all service technicians are outfitted with 100% organic cotton shirts; and every year Organo-Lawn plants at least four new trees at their office to reduce their overall carbon footprint. 

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