Master Richard Eversley, head of Wind, Mountain, Water T’ai Chi,, will be in Nederland to teach at the T’ai Chi classes of James Churches, 20-year instructor in town. Sessions with Master Eversley will take place at Mud Lake, near the north-side picnic pavilion on Tuesday and Thursday, July 9 and 11, from 8:00 to 9:30 a.m.

Private instruction with the Master will be available if scheduled in advance with James, Donations are suggested and respectful.

Master Eversley will be sharing his unique approach to t’ai chi practice, which he calls ShānShōu Dao, or the Way of the Mountain Hand. This is an evolutionary development in the practice, built on a foundation of Master Waysun Liao’s Temple Style, traditional Yang style, and 45 years of training in the mountains of Colorado.

“I developed the Mountain Hand system through my own explorations of Taoist alchemy, observations from nature, classical texts and the insights of modern physics,” says Master Eversley. “The style is uniquely suited to the natural forces of wind, mountain and water, which are so powerful and accessible in the beautiful state of Colorado.”

Students who attend the Nederland classes will be introduced to some basic concepts of the Mountain Hand Way, and have a chance to practice and embody the principles. Those who wish to take it further can sign up for a private session with Master Eversley, and are invited to join the regular Tuesday/Thursday class of James, which takes place at Mud Lake throughout the summer. James is a Shifu and senior teacher at the Wind, Mountain, Water T’ai Chi school, and has been a close friend and student of Master Richard for many decades.

Sometime this year, Wind, Mountain, Water T’ai Chi will be expanding to Boulder, starting with a weekly class. The expansion to Boulder is something people have been asking of Shifu James for many years, and he is now ready to start teaching “down the hill."

For more information, contact James at, call or text 508-951-2211.

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