The Women’s Wilderness Institute to host Intro to Telemark and Backcountry Basics courses this weekend in Boulder Colorado

Courtney Allen
The Women’s Wilderness Institute
p) 303.938.9191
f) 303.938.5071
5723 Arapahoe Ave., Suite 1B
Boulder, CO 80303
Boulder, CO, January 8, 2009-The Women’s Wilderness Institute to host Intro to Telemark and Backcountry Basics courses this weekend in Boulder ColoradoWomen of winter are you tired of looking out your window another morning and seeing a sky void of beautiful snowflakes? Are you seriously considering putting on a pair of shorts? Are your skis and boards getting dusty waiting for that next big snow?Never fear The Women’s Wilderness Institute is here! Run away with us this weekend to a back country full of snow and increase your confidence and knowledge in Backcountry Basics. Join us for Intro to Telemark and free your heels and mind on the slopes of Eldora and escape your fresh powder blues by challenging your self with something new.The fun doesn’t stop there! Sign-up by January 9 for our fantastic Backcountry Skills Yurt Trip where you’ll gain confidence with winter equipment and travel while building community with other women snow adventurers and appreciating Colorado in her frosty glory. Later this month you can also climb Mother Nature’s shimmering water fall ice palaces. Learn the basics in Ice Climbing Intro or take your skills to the next level in Intermediate Ice Climbing in February.The best part of all of TWWI’s courses is they are women specific. Our mission runs beyond teaching skills needed for your own outdoor adventures; we also love the wilderness as a way to bring out the voices, courage, confidence and leadership qualities within each girl and woman. Our exceptional all-female field staff will listen to your objectives and expectations, making you an active participant in the flow and direction of your course. At Women's Wilderness, we celebrate the unique strengths and learning styles of women and are dedicated to building strong girls and women with the skills to make our world a better place.To register for this weekend’s Intro to Telemark and Backcountry Basics, or any of our other 50 courses in backpacking, fly fishing, rock climbing, mountain biking, yoga or creative arts in the outdoor visit our website, or call us, 303.938.9191. We are happy to answer any questions. We also have outstanding summer courses and trips for girls of all ages and ample volunteer opportunities. Join over 300 outdoor enthusiasts for a night full of great gear, fantastic food and music all gathered together for a wonderful cause at our yearly fundraiser, Gear and Cheer, at Boulder’s, The Rembrandt Yard, April 23, 2009. See our website for more details.
The Women's Wilderness Institute is a non-profit organization started in 1998 with the mission of strengthening the courage, confidence, and leadership qualities of girls and women, through the challenge and support of group wilderness and community-based experiences. It is located in Boulder, CO.

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