Virtual dating experiment in Boulder during COVID-19 quarantine

I'm launching a new virtual dating experiment for Boulder and the surrounding areas for the next 2+ weeks we're all quarantined and social distancing. 1. Because I need a project to keep myself busy while Boulder County has a "stay-at-home" order in place into April. and 2. Because I honestly think it would help us singles all get through these difficult times.

So here's the deal: If you've binge-watched Love Is Blind on Netflix and/or you've heard about the Instagram account @loveisquarantine, I'm interested in setting up a similar virtual dating experience for Boulder -- just the dating part, not the Instagram "show."
You'll be matched with someone and assigned a time to speak with them. You won't know what the person looks like -- you'll meet them with a phone call or Google Hangout (audio only) -- and your "pod" is your own home. Depending on how many compatible people (age and sexuality) we have, we can do daily dates and then reconnect people who want to keep talking. 
The only information I'll be receiving from participants is their first name, age, gender, sexuality, contact info (phone and email address), and city/town. This is open to anyone and is LGBTQ-friendly. 
Interested singles can fill out this form if they're interested in participating: 
Email for more information. 

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