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changing genres

From Eugenia Price and novels set in 19th century northern Florida and southern Georgia to T. Jefferson Parker and southern California and Mexico --- my reading routine has taken a distinct turn. After reading an in-depth article on T Jefferson Parker and his works, I became curious and picked up a copy of his latest crime thriller: Border Lords.


Set largely in that dangerous area between Mexico and the US, I find myself caught up in the plot as Parker sets it up. One has to…


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Peace like a River

This is a book that will own you before you are half way through reading it. You will give up any chores that need doing, you will ignore phone calls, emails, your children, your friends--just to get to the end of this book. Do not, however, try to read ahead. This is not a new book-it was published in 2001--so I wonder why I hadn't read it before. The author's style is at once poetic and practical. It makes us all wish we could write like Leif Enger.

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new novel different slant

I just finished reading Resistance, a novel set in WWII Wales. The author has given the timeline a different twist. The Germans are winning, the Allied Invasion has failed and Britain is about to fall to the Nazis. In the opening scene all of the men in this remote valley famland have left--mysteriously disappearing during the night. That fall a patrol of five German soldiers arrives in the valley. The story centers on what happens during an exceptionally harsh winter when the two elements--the… Continue

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