The Wisdom Exchange  Presents Boulder Film Maker Patty Greer's and her Newest UFO Movie"4 Stories – One Event – Other Worlds"Friday, March 23, 7 PMFour different groups of people saw Orange Balls of …

The Wisdom Exchange  Presents Boulder Film Maker Patty Greer's and her Newest UFO Movie
"4 Stories – One Event – Other Worlds"

Friday, March 23, 7 PM

Four different groups of people saw Orange Balls of Light over an English Crop Circle on July 29th and experienced a telepathic communication with the "Beings."

The men from Belgium were still in shock throughout the interview. They watched Balls of Light turn into "Illuminated Light Bodies" with arms, legs and a head, just hours before.

A man from Holland and a child from Belgium were both told, "The Crop Circle is not done yet."  Two additional phases of the Crop Circle appeared within days. A group of French people were equally stunned by their sighting. How did all of these people meet the film maker within 24 hours in different places around Southern England and tell her their stories? Similar stories!

We offer you the information. Your perception is up to you.
Includes an Australian woman's photographic account of numerous ultra-dimensional (ET) beings that use her property as a doorway to other worlds. Many of her photographs show "Energies" that have not been seen before. She has taken more than 800,000 photos with 11 different cameras!

Patty Greer will join us in person for a live Q & A and, believe me, nothing can compare to a conversation with Patty about her experiences. If you’re a believer, be prepared to be captivated. If you’re a skeptic, be prepared to be converted!


Meeting at Living Water Unity
7401 W. 59th Ave., Arvada, CO 80003 (59th & Vance)
 (Map at
Popcorn and candy will be available for a free will offering.
Discussion will follow the film.
Some films may have language or subject matter unsuitable for children.

For additional information, contact
Kay Ford Johnsen

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