4 Places You must Visit in the New York City

Almost everyone in their lifetime wishes to visit New York City, The Capital of the World. There are many things to visit in the city. The city that never sleeps has a lot to offer its tourists and travelers. However, when you do make a bucket list for your travel, make sure that you have all the prior knowledge of the city and the most beautiful and attractive locations that you definitely cannot afford to miss. Here is a list of few locations that are considered to be most popular travel spots of the city.

First you will need to make sure that you get yourself the right kind of accommodation in New York City. Hostels in New York offer affordable place to stay, which are both cheap and in good locations. Make sure that you reserve your stay way before you buy the tickets for your visit, since such hotels are very tough to get. New York is a great city for group travel and nearly every college and university or group travellers would choose New York as one of the first destinations they would like to visit.

Empire State Building

This might be the only office building in the world that is so popular all over the world. You will definitely need to visit this huge colossus of a building that remains open all over the year and the hours often passes midnight. It is has now become an important heritage building of USA. The lobby of the building has now been turned into a recreational area. The building has been portrayed in many love story movies and this clearly suggests that it is a favorite romantic spot for people.

Statue of Liberty

If you love history and statues, then you will definitely need to visit Statue of Liberty. It is a sculpture that is about 300 feet in height, which is like 91.5 meters. It has been a part of the New York City from the year 1886. You can access the land with the help of ferry systems. The journey to the statue also provides the travelers with amazing picture framing options, so don’t forget to frame some amazing moments.

Central Park

There is absolutely nothing more relaxing than Central Park, which is about 843 acres of land, right situated at the heart of the City. If you are really bored with all the concrete buildings of the City, then you can definitely indulge yourself in the park’s greenery for a change. You can do anything you like in the city, for example ride bicycles, and play all kinds of games such as checkers and chess, fishing and skate along the broad paths of the park.

Times Square

Times Square is considered to be the most amazing and fascinating travel spot of the New York City. With the New Year’s Eve on the block, you can definitely make a New York travel plan like other many millions of people that swarm the square at this time of year. Every day, the square gets crowded with people searching for half priced Broadway tickets and some just stand there for hours, their jaws opened up to see the 37 foot high, largest LED sign of in the entire world. This spot is always crowded with its position between Seventh Avenue and Broadway.


These are only few travel spots of the City. There are numerous Museums in the City that contains rich history of the country and from artistic pieces from all over the world.


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