8 things to avoid if you suffer from allergies

Springtime, for those who suffer from allergies, can simultaneously be the most beautiful and uncomfortable time of the year. Symptoms range from irritating to agonizing so the search for remedies is never-ending.

An easy way to take care of yourself this spring is to avoid known aggravates of allergies. Here is a list of the top 8 aggravates to avoid when your allergies are running wild.


1. Alcohol

Alcohol is known to dilate blood vessels. When the vessels in your nose are dilated, the symptoms of hay fever and asthma can worsen. By reducing alcohol consumption—or, better yet, completely eliminating it—you may find that your allergies are significantly reduced.


2. Dust in your air-vents and fans

This one is surely the most obvious, but often people forget how important a spring clean really is. Leaving dust on your fans, or in the vents of your air conditioning can aggravate your allergies. Cleaning the blades and clearing out your vents regularly is a simple way to ensure that the air you’re breathing is dirt free and allergy friendly.


3. Storms

Storms themselves won’t affect your allergies but the aftermath will. Why? Storms stir up all kinds of pollens, and being outside—especially right after a storm has hit—will likely leave you itching and sniffling to no end. To avoid a sudden increase in your allergy symptoms try to stay inside after a storm.


4. Wet soil

Another reason that storms can effect your allergy symptoms is because wet soil is a hot-spot for allergy-causing moulds. Try to avoid wet soil both outside and inside your home. What does this look like? Simple alterations like watering your plants less is a great way to alleviate your symptoms.


5. Humidity

Unless you live in a naturally humid environment, this one should be easy to do—by buying a dehumidifier, the dust mite population in your home could decrease and so could your allergy symptoms.


6. Hair products

Hair products create sticky hair, and sticky hair creates a very attractive landing strip for pollen. Avoid the extra attention by reducing your use of hair products during springtime.\

7. Pets

Pets hair is an epicenter of dust, dirt, and other allergy-producing particles. Make sure you’re washing your pets regularly to avoid the constant watery-eyes and sneezes that start whenever they enter the room.

8. Going to bed without a shower

Showering before bed will enable you to clean away any pollens or other allergens from your body and keep your sheets as allergen-free as possible so that you not only feel great but that you also get a good night’s rest.

With slight lifestyle changes, these 8 aggregates can be avoided to give you the most pleasant spring possible. However, if you’re suffering from more serious allergies and find that your quality of life is being significantly reduced, then visiting a doctor is the best way to go. At Founders Family Medicine, our health care providers will evaluate and treat your allergy symptoms for the best relief there is. And, since we’re open 7 days a week, we’re always ready to help.

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