ALL Colorado Cinemarks Showing EVERY Movie that Comes with Open Captions Two Days per week EVERY Week

Open Caption(OC) movies are inclusive events open to the public.  Captions are universal. Captions are for everyone! Different communities who benefit or appreciate captions on movie films may be people who are kids learning to read, learning English as a second language, supporting literacy, students and instructors, have sensitivity to noise, Hypersensitivity, Headaches, Tinnitus, Meniere's, Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism, Auditory Processing Disorder, Dyslexia, Down Syndrome, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Auditory Neuropathy, learning disabilities, veterans with battle-acquired hearing loss, Gen X and Baby Boomers, older adults, films shown at senior centers/retirement centers, hearing people even using captions in pubic lobbies, at drive-ins, and on subways, trains or airplanes

Open captions make the moviegoing experience inclusive for all; those who really benefit from captions in order to fully enjoy the movie, as well as those who simply enjoy captions to enhance their movie experience with two sensory inputs, hearing and visual.

What is the difference between open captions(OC) and closed captions(CC)?

Newscasts' Closed Captions:

  • move around on the TV screen

  • scroll at varying speeds throughout the program

  • they are inaccurate, garbled, and delayed – they are not in sync with the scenes you are seeing.

Movie Open Captions: 

  • stationary captions fixed on the bottom of the screen

  • and take up very little space

  • and are shown in easily readable phrases that are seen in sync with what you are seeing on the screen.

Due to some incredible advocacy of the Hearing Loss Association of America Boulder Chapter, on June 12, 2021, ALL Colorado Cinemarks began playing EVERY movie that comes with Open Captions TWO days per week EVERY week for the next three months!


THEN Cinemark will re-evaluate this OC program like they re-evaluate any program Cinemark runs to see if it should continue.   The open caption(OC) showings are provided to the general public, which means everyone is included to attend these inclusive OC screenings whether you benefit from open captions or just like captions to enhance your movie experience. 




You must look at your closest Cinemark’s link, then by the days it schedules OC showings, then look at each movie to find the OC show time.


You will not yet - be able to find OC movies with the Movie-Type search filter for "Open Caption" on their website or the app because Cinemark's IT is working on the functionality of the search filter.


Cinemark Fort Collins – Mondays & Saturdays

4721 South Timberline Rd, Fort Collins CO 80528



Cinemark Greeley Mall – Wednesdays & Sundays

2160 Greeley Mall, Greeley CO 80631



Century Boulder – Mondays & Saturdays

Twenty Ninth Street, Boulder CO 80301



Century Aurora and XD – Wednesdays & Sundays

14300 East Alameda Ave., Aurora, CO 80012



Cinemark Carefree Circle and IMAX – Wednesdays & Sundays

3305 Cinema Point Colorado Springs, CO 80922



Cinemark Tinseltown USA and XD – Mondays & Saturdays

1545 E. Cheyenne Mountain Blvd., Colorado Springs, CO 80906


Century 16 Bel Mar and XD - & Mondays & Saturdays
440 S. Teller St., Lakewood CO 80226



Cinemark Tinseltown Pueblo – Mondays & Saturdays

4140 North Freeway, Pueblo CO 81008



Cinemark Movie Bistro and XD (NOT PARTICIPATING)

335 E. Foothills Parkway, Fort Collins CO 80525

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We hope to see your community at Cinemark to watch an open caption movie soon!


Please let us know you have questions.


Hearing Loss Association of America Boulder Chapter


The HLAA Boulder Chapter is a public charity status non-profit 501(c)(3).

The mission of the Boulder Chapter is to open the world to communication by providing information, education, support, and advocacy for people with hearing loss, their families, and friends. Our Vision: All aspects of life will be accessible to people with hearing loss.


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