Congratulations Presidents Cup Champions

When you step on that field knowing that everything you worked for comes down to one game, you get that realization:

This is what it's all about, and this is why the game was made.... “unknown”

In Colorado, there are two tournaments that are the Platinum standard for soccer –

The CYS State Cup and the President’s Cup. Being successful in these tournaments is difficult. Winning the tournament, though, makes you the official State of Colorado Champions and entitles you to represent Colorado in the Regional tournament against the top teams from states in our Region (IV) consisting of the following state associations: Alaska, Arizona, California North, California South, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming.

The Storm North Royal girls play competitive soccer in Colorado Youth Soccer's Super League division as one of 6 top teams in the State of under 11 girls. The Royal girls had a challenging weekend in front of them as they looked to move from 2nd to first in their league and also play in the President's Cup Championship match in the month long tournament.

Last Saturday September 23rd the Storm North Royal girls were joined by their coaches Greg Johnson and Stephanie Short as they took the field to face off with Real National who have remained 1st in league play since the start of the season. Real started the game with good player and ball movement and pressure, winning the ball back quickly as soon as they lost possession. It proved to be too much for the Storm Royal girls as they found themselves chasing after the ball and were never able to get control of the game or in rhythm as a team. In the end the Royal girls suffered their first defeat of their season with a disappointing 4-0 loss. There was no time to feel down as they knew the following morning they needed to be at their best and confident for the President's Cup Finals. The Storm North Royal left the game and headed straight to their Goalie's birthday party to celebrate, and their stunning loss to Real was quickly forgotten.

Sunday morning at 8:15am the Royal girls where back on the field warming up for the President’s Cup Championship.  Their goal over the past year has been to win and see their name on the President’s Cup as their predecessor’s Storm North Royal ’01 girls coached by Bob and Trish Dickerson did the previous year.  Along with Coaches Greg and Stephanie the Storm North Director’s John and Jeff Carroll have joined the team throughout the series to cheer on and help the team on the sideline. Since January John and Jeff along with team trainer Alfie Hurley, have worked diligently with the Royal girls helping them with their on and off the ball technical ability, development and mentoring.   The Royal girls were all smiles knowing they had those familiar faces on the sideline for support with such a big game ahead of them.  Across the field stood a very formidable opponent, Edge Select (cit of Arvada’s top under 11 girls team) who thus far in the tournament had only been scored on once and hadn’t taken any loss or tie in the month long tournament.

From the start of the game both teams played at a high pace with a give it all you got attitude.  Both teams goalie’s and defenses made great saves and plays as the two teams fought hard looking for a goal and grab momentum. The game remained tied at 0-0 through regulation and then went into two ten minute overtimes. The Storm North Royal girls finally got the break they were looking for when their Striker Mallory Mooney won a ball from a defender and after using her first touch to send the ball toward their opponent’s goal and behind the defense, scoring the games first goal with 5 minutes left in the second and final over-time hoping to avoid ending the game tied and going to a penalty shoot-out.

Storm North Royal then looked to their Defensive Captain Chelsey Stock to draw back teammates and play more defensively and follow the spirit of their goalkeeper Halle Mackiewics who was on her way to her 3rd shut-out of the series.  With just a few minutes left to play Edge Select stepped up their attack and the Royal girls knew they would have to dig deep in defending their lead and with tired legs the Royal girls began to defend their goal with sacrifice for their teammates. Unfortunately, Vanessa “Ness” Johnson ended up with a broken leg dealing with one of the attacks from Edge. That defensive effort from Ness saved a goal, and shortly after the re-start, Team Captain Alex Sandoval scored the 2nd goal of the game securing Storm North’s 2-0 victory and State Champion title. 

From your coaches, your parents, siblings, friends and opponents we are all so very proud of you girls.  Your hard work, dedication and sacrifice for the game you love is an inspiration to all! 

If you want something and work for it, you will achieve it!

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