CSU-Global Offers Greater Insight Into Out-Of-Pocket Costs of Degree Completion, Access to Tuition Planners

Colorado State University-Global Campus (CSUGlobal.edu) today announced that it has implemented an innovative practice to help students better understand the out-of-pocket cost of their education and ensure that they have the funds they need to complete their degrees. New students who use Federal financial aid will now receive greater insight into their borrowing history and have access to Tuition Planners available to provide counseling, guidance and support.


Student loan debt in the United States recently surpassed $1 trillion and as an institution with a mission to help adults complete bachelor’s degrees and earn master’s degrees, CSU-Global has seen many of its recently admitted students bring significant loan debt accrued while attending other institutions. To help inform students of their loan obligations beyond Federal loan best practices and requirements, CSU-Global has notified current students of their borrowing associated with Federal loan limits. 


Additionally, all new students who have been accepted for enrollment into CSU-Global and who use Federal financial aid, are being provided a statement which reflects their borrowing to-date and the additional funds that they will need to complete their degrees at CSU-Global. Before taking their first course with CSU-Global, new students who are close to their Federal loan limit receive special counseling that integrates their degree plan needs, less expensive credit alternatives than CSU-Global standard course credit, and information on their loan limit status.


“CSU-Global is focused on adult degree completion as a pathway to workplace success.  In the area of bachelor’s degrees, we embrace nontraditional transfer students who might not otherwise be able to optimize their previous course work and complete their degrees as they are able to at CSU-Global,” stated Dr. Becky Takeda-Tinker, President of CSU-Global Campus. “Bachelor’s degree transfer students, and some master’s degree students, bring to us their various credits and their Federal loan history which has accumulated over the years to be at or close to their loan limits. We want to help both our current students and those now seeking enrollment at the university to more proactively manage what remains of their Federal loan funds.”


As part of its role as a public non-profit institution, CSU-Global believes that it is has the responsibility to provide transparency in all of its processes and to provide direct and clear communication to its students.  The university conducted a review of all of its students to understand their varying paths to successful degree completion and has reached out to those that appear to have insufficient funds for basic tuition and book costs for remaining credit hours.  


“CSU-Global is committed to student success in achieving degree completion. Our Tuition Planners will assist students in understanding their financial loan status and provide information on other financial resources or alternative ways to complete their degrees in a financially responsible way,” concluded Ms. Pamela Toney, Senior Director of Financial Services.

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