Earth Week 2012 and the 23rd Annual Mountain Area Earth Day Fair

Earth Week 2012 will culminate in the annual celebration at Evergreen Lake


This year's Earth Week will kick off a series of exciting events ranging from a children’s evening to a featured speaker evening.  The events are scheduled from Monday, April 16 to Friday, April 20, all at the Bergen Fire House, 1802 Bergen Parkway, Evergreen, unless noted otherwise.  All doors opening at 6:30 pm with presentations starting at 7pm:  


Monday, April 16: EAS+Y will host the “Evergreen Community Gardens Town Hall Meeting” at the Buchanan Recreation Center, 32003 Ellingwood Trail, Evergreen

Tuesday, April 17: EAS+Y will kick off their ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ campaign with the screening of the ‘Bag It!’ movie.

Wednesday, April 18: Evergreen Audubon President Dr. Brad A. Andres will present  “An Arctic Treasure – The Teshekpuk Lake Region of Northern Alaska”

Thursday, April 19: Evergreen will host A Feature Speaker Night: Time Magazine’s “Hero Of The Planet”, author and President of Natural Capitalism Solutions L. Hunter Lovins on “The Way Out: Kickstarting Capitalism…” and sustainable development expert William S. Becker on “The Missing Ingredient in Making Every Day Earth Day”

Friday, April 20: Earth Day & Beyond will host “EarthKids - A Children’s Night” with authors Lynne Cherry and Marc Bekoff, kids’ activities, music by Dakota Blonde and the Young Voices For The Planet Short Films.


This event series will culminate in one of Evergreen’s classic family festivals with the familiar exhibition hall in & outside the Lake House:


Join us at the 23rd Annual Mountain Area Earth Day Fair from 10 am to 4 pm on Saturday, April 21 at the Evergreen Lake House, 29614 Upper Bear Creek Road.  Shuttle Parking will be available at the Wulf Recreation Center, 5300 S. Olive Road.  Admission will be free to all ages. Donations will be encouraged.


Growing since 1990 and now one of the largest and most popular Earth Day celebrations in Colorado, the fair regularly features over 50 federal, state, and local agencies, nonprofit organizations and businesses.  Up-to-date information on critical issues will be available for open discussions and to take home.  A warming tent will provide space for additional exhibitions and live presentations. HawkQuest will again present its live raptors, by now a well anticipated tradition for this festival.  


While you are at Evergreen Lake be sure to visit the historic Warming Hut, home to the Evergreen Nature Center which is operated by Evergreen Audubon.  The Nature Center will hold its grand opening the same day with numerous children’s activities “Fluffed up for Spring! Raffles, Games, Crafts and Nature Playroom” focused on the Bear Creek Watershed.  If you cannot make Friday’s event, Lynne Cherry will be back at the Nature Centre to read and sign her fabulous books and to share her Young Voices For The Planet Short Films! 


More information on the Earth Day Fair and the detailed line-up for the entire week’s events will become available on the event website at Contact Earth Day & Beyond at 720-219-7165 or visit Earth Day & Beyond on Facebook.


Earth Day & Beyond is a small group of Mountain Area residents. Local high school students have taken on various planning and hosting tasks.   Our major sponsors are the Evergreen Park & Recreation District, the Evergreen Newspapers, the Evergreen Audubon Society, the Rotary Club of Evergreen, the Evergreen Chamber of Commerce, Evergreen Sun Power, the Evergreen Wild Bird Store, Natural Capitalism Solutions, the University of the Wilderness and Dakota Blonde.

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Comment by Earth Day & Beyond on March 16, 2012 at 9:58am

Additional major funding came in from Colorado Timberline and the Mt. Evans Group of the Sierra Club. Thank you!

Comment by Earth Day & Beyond on March 16, 2012 at 10:53am

Another HUGE Thank You to Tupper's Team!


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