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A group of environmental activists and car engineers want to prove that available technology in electric-powered vehicles makes environmentally responsible motoring not only possible, but also preferable.Members of the group set out from Tokyo for a 310 mile journey to the city of Osaka. The goal was to complete the trip without having to recharge the Dell GK479 battery.

They say their 13-and-half-hour trip broke the record for electric vehicle endurance. The previous record was held by U.S. company Telsa Motors which managed 313 miles on a single charge. The Mira EV, a two-seater manual-shift based on Daihatsu's Mira van, generates 74 kilowatts per hour. It’s almost five times the capacity of other Presario V3000 battery in the Japanese market.

It carries enough battery power to run 1,386 laptop computers.

Naotsugu Mihori, Vice President, Japan EV Club:
"People are always putting down electric vehicles saying they're useless because they only can go short distances. Wouldn't you say the electric vehicle already available out there are good enough?"

Battery maintenance has been a hot topic for laptop users, but in fact that many errors inside the final analysis, comes from two aspects, one is like apple a1175 "thinking does not keep pace with nickel-metal hydride batteries to lithium battery change", another one is more Funny, is derived from mobile phones because mobile phones are in fact the majority of users the first exposure to the repeated use of rechargeable battery devices, and would therefore be taken for granted some of the customary extension of a mobile phone to the notebook body.

Mihori hopes the world record will encourage consumers to try out more electric vehicles.

Naotsugu Mihori, Vice President, Japan EV Club:
"We hope people will realize that the capacity of the electric vehicles on the market now is good enough and I hope they will start buy sony vgp-bps2c more readily and reduce their gasoline consumption and their carbon emissions." The car didn’t come cheap… the group says it spent more than a million dollars to improve the car's performance, and added parts donated by Japanese firms.

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