I worked for a company in Rohnert Park california in 1983 called Zenion industries (patent example at
http://www.patentstorm.us/patents/6958134.html). The Owner jim Lee had a "ion injected" carborator in his 1979 vw diesel rabbit that was getting 72 miles per gallon in 1983. This is no conspiracy theory it's common sense. If a company is invested in producing a product a certain way (oil and gas) and they have the means to do so, it is quite possible to buy up patents and refuse to grant licenses to anyone that might want to use them if it's not in the interest of there patent managing company's bottom line or future. My point is we can do all the discovering in the world but the government giving grants and what not to invest in research won't necessarily get products on the market unless the transparency in the process is greater. A student might have a great idea but the student is free to sell his invention or whatever to the highest bidder. The idea doesn't become public domain. Anyway, heres a idea: since we're all invested in the company now lets ask general motors about the patents they own and research they've bought up etcetera. A car is one method for oil companies to make money. Carmakers can employee alot of people yeah. But big money can decide which kind of cars get made. Stockholders and decisions makers of companies getting BILLIONS from us


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