In March, I attended the Social Media & PR session at The St Julian and am referring to my notes. I recently met with Patti Miller at A Spice Of Life Center at the Flatirons Golf Course. We worked on a plan to Showcase Entrepreneurs. I am one of the thousands who are trying to stimulate my own business growth thru word of mouth.
In an attempt to stimulate this activity I decided to look for others alot like me by reaching out on Social Networks. I am also trying to reach others from the panel, Kevin Kaufman, Mike Cote, Dan Brogan, Rhett Rowe and Laura Levin; to name but a few. I'm looking for publicity.
I am meeting with Patti again today to establish more plans. I'm looking for 10 different small business people to showcase their business for under $200, twice a month.

ATTN Entrepreneurs in Boulder County...join me at a bi-monthly happy hour gathering @ A Spice of Life @ Flatirons Golf Course. It's an ongoing informal Trade Show. "Call me."

Thanx, Corinne Rogan 303 321-1809,, or

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Comment by Corinne Rogan on July 15, 2009 at 2:00pm
Very Good, Miss Rogan


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