Eric Wheelwright Called To Help Vickie Winans

(In photo: Eric Wheelwright to left with Vickie Winans to right) Stellar Award Nominee Film/TV producer and recording artist Eric Wheelwright has been keeping pretty busy lately. On top of being back in the recording studio, working on his new CD titled “The Journey Continues”, which is a continuation of his CD “Journey, the Story of Life”, he’s managing his multi-media company, Wrightway Enterprises as well as an artist development and music production company “Legacy Productions.” With so much going on, you would assume that his plate is too full to take on any new projects, however, just recently, Eric received a call from gospel great, Vickie Winans, asking if he would assist her with launching the “Vickie Winans National Teen Talent Search.”

The talent competition was one that was geared toward offering young teens an opportunity to showcase their talents with the selected winners of the competition forming a singing group and receiving a recording contract from Vickie’s record label.

Greg Quals, an employee of Wrightway Enterprises and a close friend of Eric said that “Eric has always had a fondness for helping children and so to be a part of something that would offer the youth an opportunity that Vickie’s talent search would, he knew that Eric would gladly help Vickie with the launching of her campaign.”

In an interview with “National Teen Magazine”, Eric stated, “The Vickie Winans teen talent search was an opportunity of a life time for the teens who were going to compete.” He went on to say,

“It’s very difficult for a teenager to break into the recording industry. Even with the technological advancements that have significantly reduced the cost of producing a demo CD, as a teenager and with our struggling economy, the cost factor is still far too great for most and so many youth fail to see their dream realized. When Vickie made the decision to launch her competition, she took those things into consideration. Her competition was never about her at all. It was about presenting the youth of our beautiful country with an opportunity and a chance to transform their dream into something real. She made it so easy for anyone who wanted to participate in the competition to do so. All they had to do was make a home video of themselves, singing and dancing and upload it to YouTube as a response to her “Vickie Winans National Teen Talent Search” video. How easy is that?” No costly trips across the country to compete in hopes that the money that was spent getting there would pay off. When she told me about her plan regarding the competition, I remember thinking to myself, as I listened to the excitement in her voice while she spoke on the subject of helping the youth, how wonderful a person this woman is. I’ve met a number of incredible people during the span of my career, but I have to say that Vickie Winans is one of the most sincere and warm hearted individuals I’ve ever come across and I am happy not only to be working with her but to now call her a friend.”

For information about the Vickie Winans National Teen Talent search go to: For information about Vickie Winans visit the official Vickie Winans website at or the official Vickie Winans My Space page at

For information about Eric Wheelwright visit the official Eric Wheelwright website at

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