Failure rate of laptops: Asus a better worst-HP

Failure rate of laptops: Asus a better worst-HP

According to foreign media reports, the latest report of market research agency Squaretrade ,the stability of Asus, Toshiba and Sony laptops is higher than MacBooks, but in the next few years, regardless of what brands the laptop computers will face more or less problems.
Squaretrade report shows that, on average, 31% of notebook computers will be purchased after the failure of three years,more about Dell GK479 including the failures and accidental damage problems. Of which 20% of the product itself failure, 10.6% for the accidental damage.

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Squaretrade found that the use of laptop that existed before the failure rate with a great relevance. Although only able to provide relevant data for one year, but still see the Internet in this issue of the most prominent. In the Buy A year later, Internet failure rate is higher than the traditional notebook PCs than 20%. Squaretrade expected,like Dell xps m1730 battery Internet failure rate of the three years will reach 25%; entry-level notebook three years, the failure rate will reach 21%, high-end notebook computers will reach 18%.

According to the manufacturer ,in three years, the lowest failure rate of Asus notebooks,it is 15.6% failure rate. Hewlett-Packard notebook is the worst, reaching 25.6%.Then ASUS is followed, behind are Toshiba, Sony and Apple.such as sony vgp-bps9b Squaretrade said the laptop failure rate is so high , because the notebook integrates a number of complex and fragile parts, coupled with excessive use. The report is sufficient to enable users to extend the warranty period.

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