A few weeks ago, our design-build company, Melton Design Build, was demoing at a job site in the Chautauqua neighborhood in Boulder. As the crew was excavating, we found a plaque buried on the property.

Rev. Albert Chittenden of Connecticut, died March 1878, aged 66 years.

Upon further research, a crew member found an image depicting a gravestone missing an insert shaped precisely like this plaque. The grave is located in the 9th street cemetery in Boulder. Our crew imagines it was removed as a prank many years ago. Our team was so interested in when and why this took place. We were hopeful that we could take the right steps to reunited the plaque to the grave.

A member of the Melton construction crew took an afternoon to look for this plot and see the site's current condition. He found the grave based on the backdrop of the mountains in the photo. He found the plot with a replacement board in place of the Reverand's name.

The Project Manager contacted a Boulder historian through the City to help reunite this plaque to its original home. The City is so excited to return the plaque to the Reverand's gravestone finally.

The Melton crew, along with the City of Boulder will be reuniting the Reverand's plaque to his grave on the 9th street cemetery in a few weeks. We were happy to be able to restore a small piece of Boulder history.

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