Front Row Solutions Releases Integration Solution for Legacy CRM Systems

 Middleware breathes new life into existing CRM systems, without sacrificing legacy databases


Fort Collins, Colo. – Front Row Solutions (FRS), a customer relationship management (CRM) system built around the needs of sales representatives and sales managers, has released new middleware that allows sales reps to use the Front Row Sales Pro app to populate sales reports into legacy CRM systems. This new software solution allows companies to modernize their field sales operations, leverage the investment they’ve made in legacy CRM systems, improve their system’s usability, and extend its usefulness.


Many companies cannot afford to switch CRM providers, as they’ve spent a lot of time and money creating and customizing their current system. To start from scratch with a new CRM would take a prohibitive amount of time and money. At the same time, some companies are struggling with poor reporting compliance by sales reps using systems that are difficult to learn and harder to use.


When switching to a new CRM provider – basically starting over – is simply not feasible, few options have existed. Front Row Solutions recognized this dilemma and developed a new middleware that allows companies to integrate the sales reporting tools of the FRS Sales Pro app into legacy CRM systems. This brings the speed and ease of use offered by the FRS app to a variety of older technologies.


Front Row CRM was designed by sales reps and was built around four basic principles. It had to be easy to learn; fast and easy to use; accessible on a variety of mobile platforms; and clearly demonstrate the ability to help sales representatives save time and make more money. Front Row Solutions’ Sales Pro Application combines the fastest, easiest mobile reporting tool available with real-time, robust information for sales managers.


The company’s middleware gives sales reps access to all the benefits of Sales Pro on the field, and allows sales manager to access the reported data on both the legacy CRM and the Front Row Solutions website. Companies can choose from two integration options. The first allows the reps to instantly send a sales report to the FRS server and then the company's legacy CRM to populate the established database. The second allows for this communication between the Front Row Solutions server and the legacy CRM, but also allows the sales rep access to the updated database from the field. Both the FRS server and the legacy database are accessible to sales managers.


Sales Pro allows sales reps to spend less time on administrative tasks, gives them productivity tools and customer insights on the go, and frees up their time so they can make more sales, more quickly. Sales reps can complete a sales report in less than 60 seconds, giving the rep and the sales manager real-time information on every call, customer contact, and sale.


To see the Front Row Solutions system in use, watch this short video of a sales rep submitting his sales report immediately after a sale using an Apple iPad:


FRS Sales Pro has been synchronized with most major CRM systems, including Sales Force, Sugar CRM , Act, Microsoft  Dynamics, and more. Front Row Solutions CRM has also been integrated with a variety of ERPs, financial data systems, and home-grown management systems. Front Row Solutions works with the administrators of its clients’ legacy CRMs to find the best solution for integrating Sales Pro to ensure a smooth transition. That gives clients access to the sales reporting tools they need to re-engage their sales force and boost productivity.


For those seeking a new solution, Front Row Solutions CRM  can be used as a standalone CRM system, allowing fast reporting, real-time information, custom dashboards with customizable filters, and many more tools to help enable an accountable and productive sales force.


To view or download the app, visit the app store for Apple, Blackberry, or Android, and search for “Front Row Sales Pro.” To learn more about the FRS Sales Pro app, view the video or visit


About Front Row Solutions

Front Row Solutions (FRS), a North American company, was founded in 2008 to improve the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process. Designed by former sales reps and drawing from the executive team’s 30+ years of experience in all facets of business, the FRS CRM system can stand alone or integrate into currently implemented systems, helping sales reps improve revenue and profit by using its fast, user-friendly interface. The FRS CRM provides real-time insight to the sales management team, and the fast, easy-to-use system improves sales representatives’ compliance on sales reports, empowering the sales management team to fully track rep accountability, performance and a host of other invaluable functions for guaranteed improved profitability. For more information, call 1-800-986-0983, email, or visit

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