Jack Wade, one of the many Hollywood reporters for "Photoplay" must have let loose a big girlish squeal when he got word from the "Selznick-International man" that he would not get bounced off the set of "Gone with the Wind" if he were to swing by to take a look.

"First of all, a report on Vivien Leigh...Hollywood already agreed that she's the happiest choice any one could have made. Even swamp angels from deepest Dixie put their okay on her accent...Clark Gable looks like the real Big-Man-From-the-South. In a black frock coat, starched bosom and ruffles, he makes a menacing, impressive Rhett, and he's a little pleased about it, too."

By May of 1941 the sales reached 3,368,000 in the English language alone; of the eighteen translations that were printed, the most popular among them was in German (having sold 500,000 copies): an unprecedented popularity.

This interview concerns her continuing popularity -the masses who insist that she write a sequel and the soldiers who write wondering if she really is like Scarlet.

Chee Kong

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