Holiday Security Tips For Your Employees And Family

Your Security Professionals Want You To Stay Safe This Season

The most valuable asset for any business or corporation is its people.

That’s why savvy executives and business owners go to great lengths to keep their people safe, all year long.

Many corporate holiday events will include the utilization of security p..., who are on hand to help the party run smoothly – and safely.

But, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, the holiday season is unfortunately prime time for accidents and safety mishaps, both at work and at home.

So your firm’s security professionals would advise you to pass on these helpful tips and reminders to your folks as they enjoy another holiday season with family and friends.

Remember These Security Practices When Celebrating This Season

Here are some “best practice” reminders for safe and secure holiday activities.

  • Be safe when decorating for the holidays.  House fires are sadly far-too-common as a result of haphazard or dangerous holiday decorating… don’t let your home be the next to suffer this disaster.
    • Make sure your decorations are UL-approved.  Ensure your power cords are in good repair, and don’t try to use indoor extension cords outside.  Keep live trees moist.  Be careful on the ladder, and keep lit candles away from flammable materials like draperies.  Turn off and unplug decorations when you aren’t enjoying them… and keep a fire extinguisher handy “just in case.”
  • Use safe holiday cooking practices.  The kitchen is another part of the home that’s vulnerable to fires starting… but the smart chef knows how to keep things safe while preparing the feast and the treats.
    • Turn the pot handles inward on the stove (and away from the reach of curious youngsters).  Make sure your smoke detectors are in good working order, and never leave the stove unattended.  If a fire does start, remember, never use water to try to douse a grease fire.
  • The best holiday parties are the safest ones.  If you’re hosting a party, make sure your guests are both comfortable and secure.
    • Check with everyone to ensure there are designated drivers to get revelers home safely.  Don’t over-sell the alcohol… instead, push the food!  You want people to enjoy the treats you’ve prepared or acquired, and well-fed guests don’t generally drink too much.  And try to offer a place to stay for guests who do overindulge.
  • Keep things safe on your road trip.  Many people travel the highways to visit family and friends during the holidays.  It’s important to keep the road trip safe by remembering that it’s cold out there!
    • Make sure there are plenty of blankets and winter coats in the car… if you’re stranded, those can be life savers.  Some extra food and water in the car might also come in quite handy.  Have your vehicle checked and winterized, and don’t drive too fast when the roads are slick.  And just in case the unforeseen occurs, make sure to keep your cell phone fully charged.
  • And travel safely by air, too.  If your holiday plans include air travel, make sure you’re safe throughout the journey.
    • Double-check to ensure your photo ID is current before you get to the airport security line.  Don’t make a big show of valuables at the airport… and, of course, never leave your luggage unattended (report any unattended luggage you see).  Dress for the climate you’re headed toward… and make sure any medicine you might need is packed in your carry-on (not in your checked luggage).  And you’d be surprised how many people still aren’t aware of this major warning: never carry luggage or items for strangers.

With a little attention to detail, everyone can have a pleasant – and safe – holiday season.  Pass these tips on to your cherished employees… and look forward to seeing everyone rested and refreshed after a fun and enjoyable time!

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