IBMC Honors Alpha Beta Kappa (ABK) Students at Induction Ceremony

The Institute of Business and Medical Careers (IBMC) held its induction ceremony of its Alpha Beta Kappa (ABK) National Honor Society students on Friday the 17th of September at the Loveland Embassy Suites. The IBMC ABK Honor Students Inductees are:

Maria Santos, Heather Finger, Stacey Dinkel, Laura Munoz, Laurie Wood, Lindsay Huss, Casey Tempel, Nicki Miller, Sarah Naylor, Melissa Betchel, Andrea Munoz, Amber Betts, Darcy Johnston, Kaleigh Esquibel, Antoinette Sandoval, Rachele Smith, Brenda Tredway,

Diana Valencia, Anne Sitze, Cheryl Ellman, Paula Stumpf, Rayna Price, Kayla Kneipp, Trelene Till, Joanna Drohman, Kara Thicksten, Auhnna Steele, Cade Hasser, Kelli Davidson,

Sara Whicker, Nichole Brown, Katharine Ragan, Laura King, Sarah McMillan, Erin Graves,

Beth Martin, David Disner, Lynn Tamura, Miranda Birt, Jason Deeming, Jennifer Hoffman, Zhavanya Pence, Amber Adler, Victoria Cruz, Irene Gonzales, Marivel Mireles, Myrna Pureco, Alissa Rhoades, Olivia Salazar, Tammy Covillo, Tasha Guerrero, Jessica Perea, Megan Howard, Teri McCormick, Tammy Davis, Elena Perez, Jennifer Vigil, Erin Ore-Silva, Rita Portillo,

Lisa Yengst, Sonia Orona, DeeAnna Romick, Janet Jones-McCarty, Jennifer Fuentes,

Timeka Rodriquez, Lorena Chavez, Jennifer Huber, Amado Gonzales, Danette Sibert, Gemma Riddell, Julia Swanson, Jennifer Pearson, Caitlin Hoff, Genoveva Sotelo, Christina Shimonowsky, Shannel Hauff, Brittany A. Hanneman and Bradley McDonald

At the ceremony, Steve Steele the President of IBMC welcomed the honorees and their families. Diana Gunderson Vice President of Education spoke on “ABK and what it means” and gave the introduction of honorees.

Student speakers were Joanna Drohman, Elena Perez and Jennifer Pearson

The ABK Honor Keys, and flowers were presented by: Angela Massengill, Jack Oleson, Ed Wulf and Jarrod Green. Jose Valdes Dean of Academic Services presented the ABK sashes.

Student membership in ABK is based on the following criteria: Leadership and service in class & school activities, personal integrity, good moral character, and a 3.75 cumulative GPA - upon completing 40 credits. When graduating, these students will wear a red sash of distinction denoting their ABK membership.

ABK Information:

Alpha Beta Kappa is the only Honor Society in America that represents degree granting institutions, junior colleges, senior colleges, and student- centered private career schools. Membership demonstrates that an institution of learning is committed to students. More importantly, membership denotes earned recognition to those individuals who have studied to learn a marketable skill.

IBMC Information:

IBMC delivers a wide range of professional life changing opportunities to promote personal, social and career development. We welcome a diversity of individuals and encourage life-long learning for success.

The Institute of Business and Medical Careers (IBMC) offers Diploma and Associate of Occupational Studies Degree Programs in healthcare, massage therapy, legal and business. IBMC is currently enrolling students for upcoming classes. For more information about IBMC educational programs at the Fort Collins, Greeley, Longmont and Cheyenne campuses, call (970) 223-2669 or go on-line

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