It’s Hail Season Along The Colorado Front Range

Restore Your Home With Top-Notch Vinyl Replacement Windows

If you’ve lived for any amount of time in the Denver area (or anywhere along the Colorado Front Range), you know it’s true: We get more than our fair share of hail storms.

In fact, the government agencies that track this sort of thing tell us we’re located smack in the middle of one of the worst hail corridors in the world… and certainly the worst in the United States.

A Denver or Colorado Front Range home owner can figure on an average of eight hail storms per year… a fact that keeps roofing companies, siding firms, and landscapers fairly hopping this time of year.

Not to mention insurance agencies!

Of course, not all hail storms are created equal.  A storm on the milder side might not inflict any damage on your home and yard… and you might get lucky, with the worst of the hail missing your home altogether (even though your neighbors might not have the same good fortune).

If you look outside after a hail storm and see a fair amount of broken tree branches and scattered leaves… damaged plants and bushes… chances are, your property has sustained some degree of hail damage. 

When that’s the case, it’s time to call your insurance company, and to get quotes from contractors who can restore your property to its pre-storm beauty (and soundness).

And while you’re at it… don’t make the crucial mistake some home owners make when working to restore their homes from hail damage.

Don’t forget the windows! By the way you can check out our Windows Denver Colorado page

A Hail Storm Can Wreak Havoc On Your Windows

There are several indications you (or your qualified professional window replacement experts) can look for to determine how the hail storm has affected your windows… and what remedies you’ll have at your disposal.

  • First, check out the glass.  One of the most obvious indications of hail damage to your windows is cracked, broken, shattered, or pitted glass.  And don’t forget to check for obvious damage in the glazing or finish.
  • What about the screens?  It’s also pretty plain to tell you’ve had damage if you find mesh screens that’ve been torn or ripped.
  • The window frame is vulnerable, too.  If you see breaks or dents in the frame, or in the flashing around the window, you need help from a window replacement pro.

You’ll be able to spot the most obvious problems yourself. 

But if you know your property has had hail damage, but you can’t see problems with your windows, you’d be well-advised to call a good window replacement company and have them check to make sure… while you’re still “in the window” (no pun intended) for your homeowners’ insurance coverage.

What Are Your Options For Recovery?

Will you have to replace damaged windows entirely?

Chances are, that will be the way to go, to make sure your property is fully restored to its pre-storm condition.

But in the case of some windows, you can get by with replacing only the hail-damaged glass. 

Ask your window experts for an honest assessment of this option… if they’re worth their salt, a good window replacement company will know when to refer you to a glass company instead (and they’ll have a good glass company or two with whom they’ve partnered for such referrals).

When the windows need replacement, though, go with the best choice for Colorado’s climate and altitude: vinyl replacement windows from Amerimax

They’re made right here in Colorado – not shipped from sea level – so they won’t warp or change shape (or lose their effectiveness) before they arrive at your home.  They’re specially designed to withstand our high-altitude UV ray bombardment, and to stand up against Colorado’s challenging weather.

Living in Colorado is wonderful, of course… but we do get a lot of hail, don’t we?  If your property sustains hail damage, you’ll find our local insurers and contractors (and especially our local window replacement specialists here in the 303 area code) know exactly what to do to make your home “right as rain” again.

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